Ep 82: Matt Miller: From Serving Our Country to Serving Up School Spirit


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How Matt has built a million dollar vending machine business after being an Air Force Pilot

Creativity and resilience got Matt Miller from a financial crisis to an entrepreneurial pursuit. After looking into passive income, he learned about vending and created a successful business. Openness to new ideas helped him to continue to evolve his business of creating custom stickers for schools. This is now a full-on franchise. Talk about a success story!

This is a classic case of an entrepreneurial pursuit taking hard work and steady growth and transformation. There were learning curves. AND there have been tremendous payoffs.

Matt’s military background helped him as an entrepreneur. Listen to how his background helped him create this ability to bridge getting from here to there through daily incremental progress and patience.

Matt shares a lot of truth bombs in this episode. I’m excited to share this interview with you!


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