How to Break the Habit of Emotional Eating


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Emotional eating can look a lot of different ways. Sure, it CAN look like a tub of ice cream in one hand, and a spoon in the other with tears streaming down your cheeks like in the movies. It can also look like eating because you’re bored or avoiding something. Or not eating due to stress. Regardless of what it looks like for you, at different times and for different reasons, this episode is about awareness of those emotions and letting go of judgment for experiencing them! We are all human! Per usual, our hosts Brian and Lindsey share their own personal experiences with emotional eating, how they have broken those habits, and the framework you can use to do the same! It’s time to allow yourself to feel your feelings (that’s what they’re for after all) and put these tips into practice so you can enjoy food, life, and a healthy experience of all of the above!

02:15 Review of the week!

03:00 Are you eating due to these emotions?

06:15 How breaking the habit of emotional eating will impact other ways you unconsciously react in life!

08:40 Why is food so attached to our emotions?

10:00 You CAN eat food you enjoy, you just need to be in the driver’s seat!

11:40 Lindsey’s personal experiences with stress eating.

14:30 Eating post bodybuilding and being used to having 4,000 calories per day.

18:20 Connecting over food and enjoying it is great when you are able to be healthy and have balance.

20:40 What are your own habits around food?

22:40 How mindfulness and taking the time to pause can bring a better self-awareness.

28:30 What are we trying to avoid by emotionally eating?

29:30 Remove the judgment from the emotions you are experiencing!

32:15 Leverage your emotions by associating them with certain actions that are beneficial.

36:30 You can change in an instant.

37:40 The framework to break the habit of emotional eating!42:48 When in doubt, action creates energy!

43:20 What are different ways you can achieve the comfort you are searching for?

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