CFFP #01 - Uncovering Your Superpower and Becoming Indispensable to Your Ideal Client ft. Seth Godin


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Today we have the one and only Seth Godin! Seth is the author of 20 worldwide best selling books (including Purple Cow, Linchpin and now The Practice). He is one of only three people that have been inducted into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, and in my opinion, one of the world's best educators and teachers of...common sense.

During the show today, we are going to connect with Seth on the themes of his writings, what he means when he talks about being indispensable to your ideal client while working within your own superpower, the “industrial machine” that is the public education system; and how the pandemic has affected us.

Seth dives in and tells us about his personal influencers, his own client stories and brings us great advice and words of wisdom!

Show Highlights:

  • Seth discusses being a cog in the machine of life and being indispensable versus embracing mediocrity. (03:34)
  • Who inspired Seth and steered him towards his career path (06:02)
  • Being a linchpin, the industrial machine that we call public education and how a pandemic can either make or break the system (09:27)
  • Obtaining new financial services clients during a pandemic and the ideal client(10:34)
  • What Dom’s word of the year “Patience” means to Seth and how he perceives it for the new year (16:01)
  • Seth’s advice for a new financial advisor in the midst of getting started (24:42)
  • Words of Wisdom from Seth to the next generation financial professional (27:21)


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