[Rebroadcast] Cosmic #8 - From Feeling on the Fringes to Becoming VP at the EU Parliament w/ Heidi Hautala & Camille Duran


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We are making some upgrades to the podcast production and publishing processes so we are rebroadcasting some of our most popular episodes from this first part of the year.

As the new composition of EU institutions is taking shape, I recalled this great discussion with ex-VP of the European Parliament Heidi Hautala, in her kitchen, after a long winter day in Brussels. If you haven’t heard it yet it’s a good moment to dive in.

Heidi Hautala is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met and her career speaks for itself. From her childhood spent feeling on the fringes in Northern Finland to starting up the country's Green party to then becoming Vice President at the European Parliament, her life is full of learnings and inspiring stories. She impacted so many environmental and social issues in her career that it's hard to cover it all, so we went straight to the core: the why, her life key moments, the change maker mindset and psychology. We also talked about loneliness and why she is blacklisted in Russia. All this with good laughs, powerful music and politician jokes. If you like this interview, please remember to share it with someone who will connect to these topics and may feel the same, so we can bring the discussion to the next level across the change makers community.

Speak soon, Dance, do more, be cosmic. 🕺💫💫


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About Cosmic

Cosmic is a new influencer network dedicated to change agents working with urgent social and environmental issues.

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About Camille Duran

Camille is a producer, writer, interviewer, campaign & media strategist, entrepreneur, DJ, musician and avid traveler. An activist at heart, he is fascinated by how change happens in society and within people. This quest has become the focal point of his career and recently led to Cosmic, which he founded in December 2018. Camille also runs Green Exchange, a production house dedicated to social and environmental issues.

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