#226 - The Boozy Murderer - The Willfulness of Ralph "Blackie" Schwamb


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This week, we go back in time, for a story that wouldn't even be possible, today. He was born in 1926, lived through the depression by learning to gamble, at a young age. He joined the Navy for WWII, but only because his choice was the military, or jail. He ended up in military jail, though, due to his constant violence & disappearing. His wild lifestyle put him in business with both two bit hustlers & famous gangsters. This all results in a brutal murder, an amazing prison baseball league career, and even more crime! A wild, alcoholic roller coaster ride!

Get in with 1940's Los Angeles gangsters, play very briefly in the major leagues, and never, ever learn your lesson with Ralph "Blackie" Schwamb!!

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