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Marijuana Today
Marijuana Today is the most in-depth discussion and analysis of the current state of marijuana business and politics.
All the legal marijuana industry news you need to know.
Marijuana University
Grow pounds of medical grade marijuana in less than 12 weeks.
The podcast of the business and politics of marijuana
Matthew Kind from the website CannaInsider provides weekly interviews with the leading voices of the rapidly growing Cannabis, Marijuana Industry. Listen in and learn as visionaries discuss the trends and technology that are shaping the industry. Each week you’ll learn about; what is going on in The Marijuana Industry, what states are legalizing and when, what jobs are being created by both recreational and Medical Marijuana (MMJ) legalization, ways to invest in cannabis businesses, and fun ...
Atomic Rumpus is a comedy variety show for Futurists, Geeks, Rebels, and people who like to party. It's a party through the apocalypse hosted by veteran comedian and libertarian Chris Iacono. We also talk about cheese a lot. Topics include, cannabis and world news, interviews with celebrities, recipes, survival tips, stories, original music, and reviews, and discussion about weed and marijuana laws.
the Aging Ent reviews #LegalMarijuana #RecreationalCannabis #LegalDabs in #WAPot and beyond. #nugporn #dabporn #smokeweedeveryday"My marijuana didn't look like that until it was in your hands." Billy "Enzo" Ives, Northwest Pearl"I love everything about the Aging Ent." - Ryan at Rootworx"I like hearing from a cannaseur like myself!" - Windy at Heavenly Buds"Listening to you is a blast!" - Taylor at Forbidden FarmsJoin in a session as the Aging Ent smokes the best legal weed and discusses recr ...
The Marijuana Agenda with Russ Belville is a live weekly 30-minute podcast of news, analysis, statistics, polls, science, and interviews concerning marijuana legalization worldwide.
The Cannabis Agenda is a weekly interactive marijuana radio show distributed in podcast form, and we hope to become your source for cannabis news and informed discussion. We cover topics from cannabis legalization and medical marijuana to market related information. Our motto is "Hey, it's organic," which basically means that this is a learning and growing experience for us all. We hope you find value in what we are doing! Let us know if you do, or don't!
NORML SHOW LIVE (HD) is your high-definition source for the latest in marijuana law reform news from NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Your host, NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville brings you news, interviews, music, comedy, and analysis you can't get anywhere else in a weekday talk radio program.
One interesting person with one great story from the worlds of legal marijuana business, politics, and activism
We bring in experts to discuss the current business climate within up and coming industries such as cannabis, artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency.
Podcast by Guerkas Marijuanas
Your source for information, doctors, advocacy, dispensaries, new products and more
Marijuana is legal in Washington, DC for recreational and medicinal purposes. Hallelujah! We're going feature high humor! Welcome to The District Of Cannabis® Marijuana Ringtones Show.
St. Louis Missouri, Gateway to the Legalization.Grassroots Radio Active Marijuana’s Mission1. G.R.A.M.’s Purpose: Informing Missourians about cannabis’ benefits opposed to prohibition’s harms, highlighting and humanize the cannabis consumer, and inspiring citizens into taking action to repeal marijuana prohibition.2. G.R.A.M.’s Business: Providing relevant news, accurate information, scientific research, thought provoking interviews, alternative frames of mind, and leadership to activate Mis ...
Conversations and interviews with the people shaping the cannabis industry in West Virginia and beyond.
Radio Influence - Digital Audio
Marijuana & Merlot
Its about pop culture, politics, religion, you know the normal conversations that involve marijuana and merlot.
Your #1 Source for Information and News on Marijuana Startups and Small Businesses
Taking on the culture behind Marijuana and finally putting the truth in words.
A live medical marijuana cannabis radio show! Interviews, news, strain reviews, product reviews and information about anything and everything medical marijuana!
Psychedelic Salon
Your source for cutting edge information about the exploration and expansion of consciousness. Featured speakers include Terence McKenna, Alex Grey, Daniel Pinchbeck, Erik Davis, Ann and Sasha Shulgin, Nick Sand, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and more. You can access all of these podcasts for free at or through
State Of Cannabis
Chronicling the latest Cannabis industry news and headlines. Welcome to the State of Cannabis, bringing you fact-based news and views, keeping listeners on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry today. Advocates and analysts join us to discuss the ongoing path to reform and legalization.
We have moved to SOUNDCLOUD at: Jamaica Way Podcast: We feature Reggae, Ska, Mento, Rocksteady, Kaiso, Dancehall, and Roots music. This is the podcast version on a radio program from WRUW called "Night of the Living Dread." Check out the weekly radio program at (search for "Night of the living Dread" on Friday & download it!)Also see the many YouTube video interviews at YouTube under the channel: Jamaica809 -You Won't be disappointed!
Listen to 15-20 minute long interviews of experts on various topics related to mental and general health. The topics will be continuously expanded. The interviews are designed for both professionals and non-professionals. Topics range from the basis of new medication research, the effect of media on girls's self-images, discussions of violence, same-sex marriages, pollution, bullying, divorce, OCD, addictions, borderline personality disorders, mental health issues in the deaf, hallucinations ...
Cannabis Radio News
This is the official daily newscast heard on originally read during the Russ Belville Show. But for those looking just for the days headlines, this is it. We are bringing you exclusively Cannabis News right from the Associated Press. So don't miss out, and subscribe to this today.
Creative people talk about their experiences with marijuana (and whatever else comes up)
We get more done after 4:20 than most people do all day.
A show that tests the question, does marijuana make you funnier? Hosted by James Mastraieni.
Listen in as Dr. Dina, medical marijuana pioneer and inspiration for the award-winning TV Series “Weeds” shares never before heard stories, chats with cannabis insiders and celebrity friends, and provides invaluable perspective and insight into one of the fasting growing industries in the world.
Cannabis Cultivation and Science is the cannabis industry's leading podcast for growers who want real information from the horticulture industry and not marketing hype. Subscribe now so you don't miss a single episode.
The Spliff Potcast
A weekly potcast that delves into the many facets of cannabis, pot, weed, marijuana, ganja, bhang, grass -or whatever you call it! For beginners, seasoned tokers and interested non-partisans alike. Boh will discuss how to apply cannabis medicinally and recreationally, new products and trends, as well as industry and political ramblings. Hosted by Boh Nellis, who's not a doctor, so don't take these opinionated offerings as medical advice, mkay?
Setting fire to the stoner stereotype. Sparking up candid conversations with cannabis researchers, entrepreneurs and advocates.Educator, Author and Advocate Dr. Mitch Earleywine hosts a no-holds-barred platform that seeks to re-define and revolutionize the entire scope of the cannabis culture, while opening the door for more to join the cannabis crusade.
The Roll-up
Leafly editors Bruce Barcott, Ben Adlin, and Dave Schmader discuss the top cannabis news of the week. Come for the analysis and arguments, stay for the jokes and obscure cultural references.
This show is about my take on the world around me, interviews and conversations with interesting people, and drinking too much.
Great Moments in Weed History delves deep into humanity's 10,000+ year relationship with cannabis to find the humor, heart, and historical importance of this very special plant. In each episode, co-hosts Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock highlight a new culture hero, covering everything from the night Willie Nelson smoked a joint on the roof of the White House to Maya Angelou’s life-changing first time getting stoned, Carl Sagan’s weed-fueled scientific epiphanies, and the compelling evid ...
Your source for latest news & new music in the Medical Marijuana Industry across the nation. Interviews w/ top potheads, & LIVE coverage of events.
Psychedelic Salon
Your source for cutting edge information about the exploration and expansion of consciousness. Featured speakers include Terence McKenna, Alex Grey, Daniel Pinchbeck, Erik Davis, Ann and Sasha Shulgin, Nick Sand, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson and more. You can access all of these podcasts for free at or through
A Cannabis industry community where we share the stories of Budtenders, Extractors, Edible Companies, Marketers, Dispensary Owners and more. People are interested in what happens behind the scenes. We bring to light these wonderful people who are making a positive difference.
It's high time we started a frank conversation about the War on Drugs. It's been costly, dangerous, and ineffective and if we're going to do something about it we need to ignore the traditional taboos. The Prohibition Podcast intends to do just that. Join us as we get into the weeds of the Drug War. Welcome to Prohibition.
Blazed & Confuzed
We are cannabis crusaders with stories to tell, lives to illuminate. The cause we fight for goes beyond the right to light up a joint. It is a fight to ignite the torch of personal sovereignty and individual freedom.
Legally Blunt
Legally Blunt is the most fun you'll have listening to legal cannabis issues in California and Los Angeles. Beverly Hills attorneys Meital Manzuri and Alexa Steinberg blaze a trail with their candid discussions on cannabis reform, confusing or vague local laws and breaking industry news They'll cut through the haze of cannabis regulations in California with a full dose of facts, timely hits of perspective, and tons of special guests. Legally Blunt is the best legal trip you'll ever take!
Hemp Radio
NEW PODCASTS ARE BEING POSTED​WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS!Even though HempRadio was recently robbed. Read details below...HEY IT’S PatiCakes! IT'S FEBRUARY AND NEW PODCASTS ARE BEING POSTED! WE ARE BACK - BIGGER, BETTER AND STRONGER, EVEN THOUGH HEMP RADIO WAS NOT OFF TO GREAT START FOR 2018!November/December sucked!! My car was hit, sprained my foot, my indoor cats got fleas - but worst of all our recording equipment was stolen over the holidays! Yeah, that’s what I said also!!So we ...
Our mission at Psychedelic Times is to share the latest news, research, and happenings around the study of Psychedelics as tools of healing, recovery, therapy and spiritual growth. We are passionate about the incredible potential that psychoactive medicines such as Marijuana, Cannabis, Ayahuasca, MDMA, LSD, Iboga, Ibogaine, Psilocybin, DMT and 5meo-Dmt present to humanity, and are excited to share that passion with you.
The Dude Grows Show brings you marijuana grow knowledge, news, and culture. Every episode is packed with information on teaching you how to grow marijuana indoors and out.
This podcast addresses hope and effective recovery options for individuals, friends, family, parents and associates who have been or may be addicted to opioids, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs, fentanyl laced drugs, etc. and want to overcome the addiction. There are interviews with former addicts, stories of having gone through numerous failed rehabs, parents and loved ones that describe the horrors and ultimately methods they have sought and found to save lives and help. Issues include ...
We Smoked. We Laughed. WeEducated.
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INTRO 0:26 4/20 Blaze It! The Story of 4/20 Stoner Goonies Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:52 Starbucks Arrests Black Men Southwest Flight 1380 Beyonce Headlines Coachella UK "WINDRUSH" SCANDAL w/ Dave Bulmer 31:06 POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:03:30 James Comey Book Review Trump Attacks Syria Michael Cohen Update TIDBITS 1:32:03 FDA Approves Marij ...…
INTRO 0:26 4/20 Blaze It! The Story of 4/20 Stoner Goonies Bevs Like These BEYOND THE HEADLINES 5:52 Starbucks Arrests Black Men Southwest Flight 1380 Beyonce Headlines Coachella UK "WINDRUSH" SCANDAL w/ Dave Bulmer 31:06 POLITICS ROUNDUP 1:03:30 James Comey Book Review Trump Attacks Syria Michael Cohen Update TIDBITS 1:32:03 FDA Approves Marij ...…
Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe for their 4/20 stories, and they got two doozies. Howie admitted he used to ship marijuana "all over this great country," and Bruce explains his job as a grow operation night watchman. Photo Credit: Getty Images/iStock/Getty Images Plus/JasonDoiy
Chris Bennett has been researching the historical role of cannabis in magic and religion for over a quarter century. He’s written three previous books: Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion; Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible; and Cannabis and the Soma Solution. But he’s here because today, Friday, April 20, he’s just rel ...…
Weed, dope, kush, reefer -- whatever you call it, marijuana is quickly becoming legal across the country. It's also bringing people together, on Reddit.
@HalfGuarded The brutal reality of fighting Edson Barboza. The must make UFC fight. The end of Edgar? OK. Bye, iTunes quick look preview thing, hello real people who truly matter! This Week on the MMA AND STUFF PODCAST of FUN/UFC PODCAST of FUN: Bellator Review UFC Review Bad Ratings UFC TV deal rumors- What happens to FightPass? PFL Is back! C ...…
The cannabis industry is exploding right now. There are amazing opportunities out there if you find the right deal. My business partner Ben Hoskins is here today to talk about the ever changing cannabis industry and some of the opportunities that are out there right now. We talk about the different markets, supply and demand, and what states ar ...…
A talk with Teri Freitas Gormans, from Maui grown therapies and Michael Backes, author Cannabis Pharmacy-Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana. Maui Grown Therapies will host Michael Backes, author of the pioneering book, Cannabis Pharmacy-Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana on Friday, January 19 from 11am to NOON. The book-signing will be held ...…
Today, I talk about the problems with Coachella and Cardi B.Articles: ...…
Tours and tastings have long been a big part of tourism here in Wine Country. Now, with the legalization of cannabis in California, new start-up tour operators are looking to expand into that realm. Legal recreational use of marijuana in California is expected to quickly grow into a multi-million dollar business. That includes tourism, and cann ...…
Ahead of the release of Super Troopers 2, director and star Jay Chandrasekhar sits down with us to talk about his debut in an arguably Indian take on BRIGADOON; how marijuana helps him write better; the way he gets in focus mode for better writing; cultural appropriation; turning down $2 million and Ben Affleck; lessons on directing; dealing wi ...…
The 2020 Census takes center stage in to today's episode 75 of Peak Reality Check. Second up is the Fighting Grannies of Austria taking a stand against rightwing extremism in their country. They don't want a repeat of the 1930s. Cory Gardner showers kudos on himself. John Boehner is going into the marijuana wine business. What? He's found out t ...…
Jeremy sits down with Garrett Halbert for a special 420 edition of the podcast. Garrett is a medicinal marijuana dispensary agent and marijuana enthusiast. Jeremy and Garrett discuss the industry, legalization efforts, and all things Arizona. @miazpodcast on Twitter Intro By: IMIKO…
Want to hear a British guy & Polish girl discuss differences in their countries, their views on being patriotic to one’s country as well as the “separation of church & state” or lack thereof as well as numerous other topics? Well then be sure to check out part 2 of episode 19 of Genuine Chit-Chat! In this part, Mike & Justyna continue their dis ...…
We talk flat earth, the Zucc, Fortnite addiction, Barneys sexual healing magic, the future of marijuana, controversial shit, and of course 5 hour energy.
On this week's Colorado Edition, we visit a hemp expo and a school for luthiers, while the Department of the Interior prepares to visit the West -- permanently. First, after nearly 80 years of federal restrictions hemp — marijuana's non-intoxicating cousin — is making a comeback. Colorado is one of the country’s top producers of hemp after it w ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV – Suits edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of USA’s Suits. In this episode hosts JB Zimmerman and Steve Kaufmann discuss episode 13. ABOUT SUITS: Suits is a legal drama starring Gabriel Macht as one of Manhattan’s top lawyers who hires a brilliant unmotivated college dropout (Patrick J. Adams). Suits is a USA Network drama ...…
As a pain management doctor, Shivani Amin, Md. has seen the dangerous affects of narcotics first hand and that’s why she is now advocating for the use of medical marijuana as an alternative solution to help end the opioid crisis in the U.S.'s Across the Middle Host Jon Kuzma covered the Pittsburgh Steelers weakness, what makes Joey Bosa so good, and Martellus Bennett's latest comments about NFL players marijuana usage.
In this episode we take a look at the darker side of life in places like the Denver Colorado Airport and the Dark Web. We also have an interesting story about some mice that enjoy eating marijuana!
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Former climate official says details surrounding his reassignment look “damning” for Trump admin Elizabeth Jenkins, Alaska’s Energy Desk – Juneau A new federal repo ...…
When I first heard of this, I confess, I thought it was a hoax (fake news!) concocted by the Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III types to scare people about cannabis use. And, while I do not recall where I first saw this thing, the source seemed dodgy to me – so I dismissed it! BUT, then the New York Times reported on it and I took it seriously! ...…
On our inaugural episode, Matt and Cole sit down with The Beer Sisters, Tara and Crystal Luxmore, and talk all things trending in craft beer. They sample home-made glitter beer, discuss the historical rebirth of fruited sours, wade through the haze of New England IPAs and get philosophical about the coming of marijuana beer in Ontario. The Beer ...…
When people think of drug abuse, what comes to mind are meth addicts or marijuana users. But the United States is seeing a crisis involving a much more accessible drug — opioids. According to 2016 data on the CDC website, 42,000 people died that year from opioid overdose. And 40 percent of overdose cases involve prescription opioids. How did su ...…
Recorded on February 20, 2018. In Epsiode 1, Jon Keller and Paula Ebben discuss the great plague of turkeys that has descended on the Boston area, the state’s top marijuana official explains why there are still no pot shops in Massachusetts, reporter David Robichaud on covering a tragedy, author Noam Cohen on why tech giants are not exactly alt ...…
Another shooting, but the media doesnt care about this one. It happened at Youtube HQ in San Bruno, CA. A Persian woman of jewish decent wearing a headscarf shot 3 people with an handgun. Also, the government is just legitimized organized crime and marijuana could help end the opioid epidemic.
Synthetic Marijuana - Origin Recovery Center's Dr. John Dyben. Bats Baseball with Greg Galliette. On the Border with FAIR's Joe Gomez.
Professor Gerald Friedman author of the analysis of the Bernie Sanders economic plan, jumped into it & other things with us today. Hear first and you decide. Does what he says make scene? Does he think more and more American's are lazy? Do you feel the #Burn. Joe Kauffman running for congress against Debbie Wasserman Schultz starts of strong on ...…
Joe Kauffman running for congress against Debbie Wasserman Schultz starts of strong on why he should be in congress and has very strong feeling about her, Israel, the war on drugs, treatment and medical marijuana. He calls it as he sees it and is not shy. Follow us on Soundcloud, twitter at HJackMiller1 and visit us at…
Marijuana use is now legal in dozens of states. But laws vary considerably. Is it medicinal use? Recreational? Do federal laws still take precedence? What are employers’ rights to screen to marijuana use? What are employees’ rights in jurisdictions where marijuana use is legal? Elizabeth Levine with Ghoulston & Storrs’ labor & employment practi ...…
[YouTube Video Version:] Last Time On: Waking Up with @Orgonee Continuing on the theme of spiritual topics and supernatural understandings, we have Zak, formerly @Orgonee, now @SunGaze on the show to talk about a number of interesting topics. It's been a little over a year since he's been back on and ...…
Voiced by Amazon Polly This research provides data on the development of 59 Jamaican children, from birth to age 5 years, whose mothers used marijuana during […]The post Five-year follow-up of rural Jamaican children whose mothers used marijuana during pregnancy. appeared first on Marijuana Patients.…
Black by popular demand! It’s another episode of your favorite weekly roast session: UNSEASONED, and this time we’re stirring some tea on everyone’s wild spring break in Miami, giving the dump on Trump’s latest scandal and his vision for the future, taking a peek at the ever fraudulent Rachel Devil-zal’s latest antics, and putting all the poser ...…
Ready for a mind-shift? We're talking productivity and discipline as we go into year two of our startup, amongst other topics including:- Peeing in public -- we know, we know - don't you dare judge! - Our $300 gift-bags we had at the Women Grow summit! Shout out to 1906 (Inaugural sponsors of our first ever dab bus) ...…
Welcome to ParanormalHooD Live Radio , Join us every Thursday night from 8-11pm Est and the HooDeeZ (Host JiGGY,Co Host Smoke King , Ghost , Buddy Greenberg ,Wiz Meta4 and more take you on a Paranormal ride threw the HooD . Every week we present a live show with either a special guest(s) or topic nights . We cover all things paranormal and our ...…
Kimera-Quah! In this episode of Quah, sponsored by Kimera Koffee (, code "mindpump" for 10% off), Sal, Adam & Justin answer Pump Head questions about Adam's programming and nutrition for recovery, the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen someone do in a gym, the greatest life lesson they have taken from each other and their thoughts ...…
We speak with Robert Frommer of the Institute for Justice about Chicago’s ordinance requiring all food trucks to be outfitted with GPS trackers. This episode’s Patriots are Chris Lydgate and Nick Budnick of the Willamette Weekly. Our pariah is Mitch Landrieu, Mayor of New Orleans. Honorable mention: Rancher, Ricardo Palacios. Mountain of sensit ...…
Thanks to the death of private pensions, the devaluation of Social Security benefits and other undeniable retirement factors such as inflation and increased taxes, America is now in a retirement income crisis. Personal Pension Radio show is focused on helping you pack your bags for both halves of the retirement journey. Kraig's mission is help ...…
Episode #102 – Chuck talks with Butler University Risk Management Professor Zach Finn about ways to address the talent gap. We also uncover the stigma surrounding marijuana insurance. Plus, how NCOIL plans to update its repackaging model to address price gouging among bad actors.
This weeks episode is all about marijuana legalization! I take call ins from people all over the country. I interview some fellow podcasters and Winston Watts tells the history of why its illegal in the first place. Please subscribe on itunes and google play. Be sure to follow us on instagram @…
Twitter Law Begins With Susie Moore Bourbon On The Rocks for Wednesday March-28-2018 premieres a new segment today with “Twitter Law With Susie Moore” We have all seen how people SPONTANEOUSLY become legal experts on social media when legal issues arise. Well, Duke welcomes back to FTR Radio the lovely Ms. Susie Moore from “Q With A View” to ta ...…
We Discuss: Imus Retiring, Rocky Marciano's Nephew, Carl Banks Fake Giants News and Medical Marijuana in NJ
I took a pretty hard line on government indoctrination centers recently, and I caught a lot of flak for it. What did I say, why did I say it, and do I still stand behind it? What's in the News with stories on school suspension for going to the gun range after school, a court decides to remove gun rights from marijuana card holders, Tennessee wa ...…
Episode 10 of the one man one sound Podcast Only Child Syndrome! Rising from the grave where past Podcast have failed and died, Collin returns after a 7 month slump. Listen as he speaks on what he has been up to during his time off, the latest news on Marijuana in New Jersey, and the newest segment Crazy, Sexy, Cool! Guess who's back...Back again..…
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