Episode 75: “The Next Doctor” and “The Crimson Horror”


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No, we didn't think "The Crimson Horror" would be our first repeat episode either, but we're kind of happy about it! After all, it's Allison's first time discussing this 11th Doctor and Clara adventure, and she has plenty to say about Diana Rigg and Rachel Stirling's supporting turns. There's a ton in both episodes about trauma and abuse in the context of stultifying Victorian society, and we dig into some of that. "The Next Doctor" features not one but two lovely Doctor performances by people named David, while we're still trying to figure out why the 11th Doctor has totally forgotten about the concept of personal space. It's... it's not great! But there's still a lot to like in both these episodes, as we consider a pair of stories that manage to be rather more than the sum of their occasionally underwhelming parts. Next week: We go for a double feature of early 20th century Dalek silliness with "Daleks In Manhattan"/"Evolution of the Daleks" and "Victory of the Daleks"!

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