Episode 18 – An Evolutionary Case For The Carnivore Diet with Amber O’Hearn


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My guest today is Amber O’Hearn. Amber is a writer and speaker on low carbohydrate diets, with a particular focus on the carnivore diet. Like my previous guests Dave Feldman and Ivor Cummins, Amber’s career began in a more technical profession and began writing about this after discovering it as a solution to her own problems, and being dissatisfied with the vast amounts of misinformation out there on the subject of proper nutrition.

In this chat Amber and I discuss what differentiates a carnivore diet from a ketogenic one, how removing vegetables from a diet can actually IMPROVE health, we dive DEEP into the evolutionary biology of people, animals, AND plants, and much more.

So enjoy this chat with the keto carnivore specialist, Amber O’Hearn.

Notes and resources:

Amber’s writing on the ketogenic diet as a health practice: Ketotic.org

Amber’s personal health blog: Empiri.ca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KetoCarnivore

Amber on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaGCraBhCqXkRPGxVKLcs0A


1:15 – Amber’s story, how she came into the low carb world

14:00 – Arguments people use to detract from the validity of the carnivore diet

16:55 – How Amber began writing about and doing this professionally

23:35 – How the dialogue around carnivore vs keto has changed over the years

26:40 – What differentiates carnivore from keto

31:45 – The types of meat people tend to consume on carnivore

37:50 – How removing vegetables from a diet can IMPROVE health

44:45 – Evolutionary strategies of different plants

48:30 – How our homonym ancestors could ferment dietary fiber into fat, which we’re not capable of doing

53:30 – Why the health benefits purported from increased fiber intake don’t apply to someone on a low carb diet as much as someone on the standard American diet

56:30 – The carnivore diet as a brain growth fostering diet

1:00:15 – The dual energy source of glucose and ketones leading to greater brain growth, and how ketosis is a somewhat uniquely human biological trait

1:04:10 – The balance between the building up and breaking down phases inherent in the body, and how intermittent fasting affects them

1:10:25 – Other foods that can also increase the permeability of the intestinal lining

1:14:00 – A logical explanation of the damage spicy foods can cause to the gut

1:15:05 – The effects of coffee on carnivore (in Amber’s personal experience)

1:17:40 – The carnivore conference Amber’s founding

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