Doctor Who: Who's He? Podcast #350 One finger, one thumb keep moving


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In this edition of the Who's He? Podcast.....

The News

In a very slow news week, the only thing of note is the release date for the animated version of The Faceless Ones.

Omega's Stats Corner

In the corner of stats this week, it's the overnights for Can You Hear Me? and the official figures for Praxeus which almost breaks Phil's spirit and takes them down a dangerous rabbit hole of why aren't more people watching the show?

Review - Can You Hear Me?

In another story with a strong social message and a weak sci-fi element, Phil and Paul ponder over the mental health message this week which leads Phil to make a confession and also whether the balance of sci-fi and social message is right for Doctor Who and is this is the way to carry on? Oh and Phil drops an F bomb!

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