The Rise and Rise Of Comedian Prof B - The Intellectual Comedian & MC


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We are back like we never left!! Don't Forget To Flush Podcast (Don't 4get 2Flush - D4G2F) is as usual outside and on the road!! We travel to H-Town a.k.a Hustletown! We are in Houston, Texas! This episode goes live on one of the most unique dates that is the same all over the world! No matter how you write the date of the year 11122 or 1112022, we are all the same 1s and 2s! Our guest for this special date is none other, than the acclaimed stand-up comedian, MC, entrepreneur and talk show host, ‘Mr. Intellectual’ himself, Comedian Prof B! (IG @profbofficial)

Prof B also known as the MC with a sense of humor studied Dentistry in one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria (OAU) but never practiced because of his love for the Arts and Entertainment. He started out as a full-time stand-up comedian but over time has morphed into a ‘Master of Ceremonies Extraordinaire’. He has made a name for himself as one of the very few internationally recognized MCs, cutting across all cultures, ethnicities and countries. His very creative and innovative performance style has made him stand out in a truly competitive industry, allowing him crossover as host for African, Hispanic, Caucasian, Asian events, weddings and so much more. We sit down to talk about his rise and rise, what his immigrant experiences have been, from moving across the world to the United States from Africa as well as his journey in the world of comedy on both continents. We also talk about the hilarious origin story of his name “Prof B”.

With various projects up his sleeve, his background as an educator and his love for making people laugh, this meaningful and heartfelt episode is such a great way to kick-off the year!! Tune in to the show, meet our guest and laugh along with us!

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