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We welcome Author of Deep Nutrition, Family Physician, and LA Laker Nutrition Consultant, Dr. Cate Shanahan to discuss everything from the 4 pillars of the human diet to what are TOXIC oils.

  • the human diet
  • what are the 4 pillars of the human diet?
  • the stealth organ meat that you should be eating
  • you CAN control your genetics with food
  • how the modern diet relates to autism
  • what’s more important - bone broth or fermented foods?
  • how bone broths make your cells function optimally
  • how food can relieve arthritis symptoms
  • why you shouldn’t throw away your chicken bones!
  • TOXIC OILS - get them out of your diet, NOW
  • how do you choose when to buy organic, especially on a budget
  • what’s up with fruit - too much sugar?
  • why veggies have all that fruits do, and more
  • optimal nutrient timing
  • how sugar affects mitochondrial function
  • how sugar BLOCKS adrenaline release
  • why burning sugar for fuel is far less efficient than burning fat for fuel

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I am your host, Scott DiFrancesco, and alongside my brother Tim, we welcome Dr. Cate Shanahan to discuss her book, Deep Nutrition, the human diet, toxic oils, and lots more.

Nourish properly, train better, recover faster.

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Dr. Cate’s links:

web: http://drcate.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/drcateshanahan

FB: @DoctorCate

Buy the Book!: http://drcate.com/deep-nutrition-why-your-genes-need-traditional-food/

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