Enneagram in Real Life


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Enneagram In Real Life (fka Ask an Enneagram Coach), is a weekly podcast where we go beyond Enneagram theory and dive into practical understanding and fresh insight. Each episode will feature a guest of a different type to share the ins and outs of living life as their type and how they apply the Enneagram IRL. The Enneagram IRL podcast will engage listeners wherever they are in their self-discovery process so that they can learn, grow, and remember that even though we all love the Enneagram, we’re more than just a number.Hosted by Steph Barron Hall, Accredited Enneagram Practitioner, coach, consultant, author, and creator of @ninetypesco on Instagram. Thanks to Doctor Dreamchip for our theme song! You can also find their work on Spotify. https://doctordreamchip.com/

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