Ep. 39 - Parents Effecting Change


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Every parents wants obedient kids. This is a challenge, since all kids are different and they change quite frequently as they grow. Parents who try the same approach, no matter the child, or the age, or the outcome desired... well, they don't get great results. But if parents learn to work backwards: to analyze the effect desired and then study the situation to implement the cause that brings that about... it will make a world of difference! Now, this means mom and dad have to own up to everything that hasn't gone well so far. It is not the child's fault. We have to coach it better. This means parents may have to reevaluate the way they discipline and admit that they are being insane (trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results). Fact: if we as parents get better at parenting, the kids will get better at being awesome. Take a listen!
- How to identify the change you want to see in your children
- How to identify the cause that will bring about that effect
- How to own up to past mistakes as a parent and stop blaming the kids
- How to base successful parenting on effects produced, not just on the act of discipline
- How to realize the awesome equation: early + often = less

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