Ep. 4 - Be Wise Small


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We all want to get better and be more wise in life. But often times we either don't apply our knowledge with consistency, or we try to do too much all at once and can't stay consistent. The secret may be tiny but also mighty: Be Wise Small. This episode discusses the meaning of "be wise" and how looking for seemingly insignificant little ways to do so can add up to big results! And it's not just about doing better things, a little at a time, it's about becoming a better person with every little choice. If you want to Be Wise Small today, check out episode 4!
- How to use Dee Bowman's "Be Wise Small" as a secret to daily improvement.
- How to be wise small in every interaction and environment you encounter today.
- Why is it important to be wise on little things as a preparation for greater wisdom later?
- What does "Be Wise Small" look like in your marriage or friendships?
- How to value incremental change as the most reliable and rewarding journey of all.

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