EP. 39 - DeGeneres Portions (Celebrity Meets Synthetic Meats)


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In 2019 swiss scientist Magnus Soderlund proposed that people should start eating the dead in order to stave off global calamity. His suggestion shocked the world with some wondering if science had gone too far. In 2021 a new group has returned to the people eater concept but his time they’re not trying to appeal to our worries of planetary annihilation. Rather they think people should eat people just be closer to their celebrity idols. We’ll talk about that in our Feature. And how certain are you that what you experience as life isn't simply the product of an artificial intelligence running a simulation trying to determine the best way market heirloom tomatoes? If you said, very certain then do I have a treat for you in our Bizarrist segment at the end of our show. Far Off Topic is hosted by Fiasco Jones, Mr. Glasses, and TWee. Production and editing by Fiasco Jones. Subscribe and leave us a review, if you feel so compelled. SOCIALS: Twitter: @FarOffTopic Instagram: @FarOffTopic Facebook: @FarOffTopicShow CONTACT US: Fiasco Jones: @fiascojones Mr. Glasses: @captjax458 TWee: @TWeeSaidStuff FULL SNOW NOTES: Far Off Topic YouTube Far Off Topic is a production of Prosopon Media. Copyright 2021.

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