Episode 3: Essential Oils


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Flute 360 | Episode 3: “Essential Oils” (19:01)

In this episode, Heidi discusses the benefits of essential oils. She explains what essential oils are, gives helpful recommendations for different essential oil brands, and offers tips for how essential oils can be used in your daily life. These oils play a great role in her daily routine, both for prevention and pain-relieving purposes, and she encourages musicians to consider using these essentials oils in their own lives.

Episode 3 – Main Points:

  • What are essential oils? (1:05)
  • Processes: distillation & cold press (2:17)
  • Anti-inflammatory properties (4:15)
  • Medicinal properties (5:02)
  • Music-related injuries (5:46)
  • Essential oils for carpal tunnel (6:44)
  • Tendinitis (7:10)
  • Purchasing oils (9:11)
  • Essential oil brands (9:41)
  • How to apply (11:35)
  • Essential oils are powerful (14:33)
  • Preventative and pain-relieving care (14:59)
  • Summary (15:57)
  • Smell like a pizza (17:08)
  • Heidi’s experience (17:25)

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