47: Season 1 Finale – Synopsis of Lessons from our 15 Guests


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We conclude Season 1 of Future Skills with an extra-long discussion about the top tips and ideas we learned from the following 15 guests:

  • Martin Sandquist – Finance Billionaire
  • Barry Schwartz – Psychology Professor
  • Tyler Cowen – Economist
  • Walter Kiechel – Fortune Magazine & Harvard Business Review
  • Seth Godin – Author & Marketer
  • Ola Ahlvarsson – Serial Entrepreneur
  • Elkhonon Goldberg - Neuroscientist
  • Erik Townsend – Hedge Fund Manager
  • Alexander Bard – Future Philosopher
  • Mattias Ribbing - Memory Champion
  • Casey Gauss - IT Entrepreneur
  • Sebastian Marshall – Ultrawork
  • Jay Campbell - Hormonal Expert
  • Philippa Malmgren – Geopolitical Advisor
  • Martin Ford – Futurist

Even if you’ve listened to all their episodes, the Season Finale will provide some much-needed spaced repetition and nuance on those ideas.

Stay tuned for Season 2.

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