9: Transferable Skills: How to Build a Safe and Steady Career


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The 2008 crisis was a hell-hole for the financial industry, as we all know.

What most people don’t know, however, is that it was almost as bad for the legal profession. 60% of legal graduates (J.Ds) couldn’t get a job upon graduation.

Finance and law are stereotypical industries where you are so specialized that—if the industry takes a hit—you will be in trouble. And then there's ecosystemic risk.

Industry disruption is bound to happen everywhere sooner or later; to protect yourself you should learn transferable skills.

Some top examples of transferable skills are:

  • Learning how to learn,
  • Social skills
  • Focusing & getting into flow,
  • Metacognition (thinking about how you think)
  • Avoiding chronic stress
  • Mastering a medium of communication


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