76. Michael Fleiss


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Michael Fleiss

Michael came to Volvo from Bentley and Volkswagen six years ago and became soon Vice President for Volvo Cars Powertrain engineering. He started his automotive career in his father’s garage fixing neighbours cars, 10 years old and has since then been a true car enthusiast. Since not quite a year he entered a new era in his career as Vice President for Vehicle hardware.

We talk about the shift to electrification and what impact that could mean for his new area and for the whole industry. We also talk about leadership behaviour and what he brought from Volkswagen but also what he learnt at Volvo and what he appreciate from our working culture. For Michael knowledge and technology skill is an essential part of his leadership and that will not change dramatically in his organisation even when we introduce new way of working in product streams and with agile work processes. Management and Technology cannot be strict divided. Welcome to the conversation.

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