37: Anthony Quails


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Get introduced to the kind-hearted, talented singer-songwriter Anthony Quails.... a podcast over a year in the making. smile

----------- TRACKS ON EP.37 -----------
* Life Is A Sea
* I Wish I Was Him
* It's Okay to Have Nothing to Say
* As Long As I'm With You
(All songs written and performed by Anthony Quails)

----------- CREDITS ------------
* Host/Producer - Dave Trout
* Anthony Quails album on Spotify - https://is.gd/quailssp
* SPONSOR1: Rachel Wilhelm - https://is.gd/requiemsp
* SPONSOR2: Jen Miller Music Collective - https://is.gd/jenmks
* White Owl Music Fest - https://whiteowlmusicfest.com
* Special Thanks - Gallagher Guitar Company
* Email: greenroomdoorpodcast@gmail.com

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