090: Steve Berry | Back-to-the-Office Checklist


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Steve Berry is the Sales Manager at RDS Office Furniture. On today’s show, Steve hones in on the requirements and recommendations to set your office work environment up for today's safety requirements success.

For more information or resources, email Steve at steve@rdsoffice.com.

Truth You Can Act On:

Here’s a checklist of things to consider in shaping your workplace environment as you and your people return to working onsite:

      1. Panel walls minimum 50".
      2. Six feet apart in our work stations.
      3. Staggering of workdays - that may look like different teams of people working opposite days of the week for less in-office attendance at one time.
      4. Strategically-placed sanitation stations all throughout the office.
      5. Limiting office tools that people share.
      6. Limiting the number of people allowed in conference rooms.
      7. Providing allowances for work from home equipment.
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