The Daily Show Weekly: March 17-20, 2003 (Eric Alterman, Jason Lee, John Hulsman, Eddie Griffin) | Hosted by Vic Shuttee and Chandler Dean


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OCTOBER 9, 2019 - It's THE DAILY SHOW WEEKLY, hosted by Vic Shuttee (@VicShuttee) and Chandler Dean (@chandlerjdean)! Nothing shy of a HISTORIC week in March 2003, as The Daily bids a shady Hasta La Vista to two players, newly minted correspondent Rachael Harris and long-time fan-favorite Frank DeCaro. Meanwhile, Steve Carell is pulled from the Daily Show reserves in a triumphant return to the studio on the eve of Bush’s war declaration, Iraq is the only topic on the menu. What a week, what a surprise Chandler Dean has in store for you. The Daily Show Weekly is an unofficial fan podcast designed to serve as a critical companion to the original series, which can be watched in clips at Our thoughts and criticism are intended to offer historical reflection and enhance the viewing experience for new and old fans journeying through Jon Stewart’s seminal talk show run. Our awesome album artwork is designed by Felipe Flores Comics! #FrankDeFarewell #KingDeCaro

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