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Season 3, Episode 2 - Puck Bunny Guest Hosts: Kevin and Mark from Two Guys on Friday horror podcast (our first Canadian guests)Podcast Site: http://twoguysonfriday.libsyn.comAlso on the other pod places (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc...).Twitter: https://twitter.com/twoguysonfriday Previous episode recap: Sled Shack Puck Bunny deep dive:
  • Wayne grumpy about Jivin' Pete and the degens from up country
  • Appropriate farting
  • Players only meeting
  • Poor Boomtown
  • Angie the puck bunny
  • R&J need help
  • Planning for the degens
  • Katy is mega puck bunny!
  • Hicks doing recon at the shed
  • What do we know about degens?
    • Racist
    • Homophobic
    • Sexist
  • Squirrely Dan drops some LGBTQ wisdom from Professor Tricia
  • Fake gays
  • Angie vs. Katy - HOT!!!
  • Puck bunny uniform
  • BOX KICK!!!
  • Skids catch "A GIRL!!!"
  • Roald is skid version of Boomtown
  • Pre-fight checklist
  • Decide to repel the degens instead of fight them
  • The Ginger and Boots! - Degen repellent
Thoughts/Theories/Questions/New Terms:
  • New term: E.I. - Employment Insurance - Canadian version of unemployment
  • Shep & Kingsley always posing
  • Wayne and Katy always have each others' backs
  • No Glen this episode
  • Discussion of 19-2
  • Don Cherry
  • WTF is up with the clown?
  • We know it's not Devon.
  • "The less you say now, the less you'll have to apologize for later."
  • Letterkenny actors doing other things:
    • Boomtown and Coach have been in recent Canadian TV commercials
    • Jared Keeso in Psych!
    • K Trevor Wilson doing stand-up
    • Jared, Tyler, Nathan, and Tiio have all been in Supernatural
    • Lisa Codrington on Schitt's Creek
  • Fuck/Fight/FERDA!
    • Katy and R&J are the only ones getting laid
    • Dan, Angie, and Shep & Kingsley are getting whooped!
    • Lots of FERDA this episode
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Outro Music: Ol' Grey Dog - by Hard Money Saints

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