124: Charlie's Angels


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Put on your lowest riding pair of pants and actively court the male gaze cause we're talking about Charlie's Angels! Kat and Jocelyn discuss all aspects of this improbably charming film, including our endless love for Drew Barrymore, the crushability of Sam Rockwell, and the wtf-was-happening-here-ness of the casting of Crispin Glover. This episode brought to you in part by BioClarity. BioClarity is a clean and green skincare brand that has products that just work. Their skincare line offers easy-to-use regimens with good-for-you ingredients to give you great skin. For our listeners, you'll save 40% on skincare routines PLUS an additional 15% off EVERYTHING on their website! Simply go to www.bioclarity.com and enter promo code LOVEIT at checkout! This episode brought to you by Betterhelp. Betterhelp offers professional counseling securely online. Visit betterhelp.com/HATELOVE and join the over 500,000 people taking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional. For IHIBILI’s listeners get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/HATELOVE.

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