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Your favourite vegan hippie meathead Sam Shorkey (first-ever VEGAN World Naturals bikini pro and coach to the winner of Bodybuilding.com's 2015 $200,000 12-Week Transformation Challenge) is proud to present "Jacked on the Beanstalk: The Podcast." Together with her sister Sarah, they're on a mission to not only promote and discuss the benefits of following a plant-based diet and lifestyle, but teach others how to live with purpose and without regret. To unlock and share the mysteries of a healthy mind, body and spirit. Here in Podcast Land, the Shorkey sisters are showcasing how strength starts on the inside. And as much as they are passionate about vegan health and fitness, they're using this platform to really focus on personal growth and helping others to develop healthy relationships with food and their bodies. All the while, sprinkling each and every episode with that smart-assed, annoyingly vegan and brutally honest Shorkey charm we've all grown to love. (And hopefully provide a few helpful secrets and tools along the way.) As we always say at Jacked on the Beanstalk "mind right and the body will follow." Now let's get this "meatless meathead / holistic hippie" wellness party started!

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