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In this episode of the JPS podcast, I interviewed Jeff Nippard from Canada. Jeff is a natural pro bodybuilder and elite level powerlifter and has applied the science of training and nutrition to achieve outstanding results with both his own training and his online clients. Jeff also has an incredible podcast called Icecream4PRs and has a ton of valuable information on his youtube channel, so check it out.

In this episode, we discuss:

– What attracted him to bodybuilding;
– Did powerlifting make him a better bodybuilder?
– Are squats, bench press and deadlifts necessary for muscle growth?
– The consequences of contest prep and how he handles them;
– How he incorporates ‘bro’ training for enjoyment and results;
– His 10k calorie challenge.

Jeff can be found:

IG: @jeffnippard
Youtube: Search Jeff Nippard.

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