Ep. 134 - Salomondrin's Let's Talk About Cars YO


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What's up you sexy mofo's!?! In today's podcast, we discussed a lot of exciting news and topics for the week, and I think we only mentioned Ferrari one time! - Do you sit or stand, and what driving infraction is the worst!? (DirtyFiveThirtyGarage) - What car movie title best describes your bedroom activities? (DirtyFiveThirtyGarage) - Alejandro is seriously considering a Corvette! But which one? (Danderson69) - We didn’t get to see the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, but that didn’t keep us from having an opinion! - Porsche is breaking the trust of all of their customers. How will this kill them? - VW is giving Audi and Bentley Porsches most prized platform! Why?! - A classic segment returns! F.M.K. - Farghini’s Good News Bad News

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