Bootstrapping a Portfolio of Businesses with David Henzel


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In this episode, Nick sits down with David Henzel to talk about what it's like to manage a portfolio of businesses. At the time of recording this episode, David is running five companies and has started or invested in many others. These companies truly run the gamut, from a content delivery provider to a group coaching platform and even a company that helps people manage their happiness and achieve goals. Needless to say, David knows a few things about how to run, grow, and exit a company—and he's here to share that wisdom with us.

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David Henzel's mission is to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

He has been bootstrapping businesses in the SaaS and ecommerce spaces for over 20 years and has had multiple exits, most notably MaxCDN (now Stackpath). He is currently the CEO of upcoach, a platform specifically built for group coaching and has a portfolio of startups including LTVplus (Modern Business Process Outsourcing), TaskDrive (Sales Development), (SEO Agency), 50saas (Laravel app Marketplace), and his passion project, Managing Happiness (Peak Performance Group Coaching).

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