#18 The Power Of Feeling Insignificant


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We discuss how significant or rather insignificant our human lives are. Yes this episode of LIFE DESIGN DIARIES gets pretty deep!

We also tackle the topic of PERMISSION because if we internalise just how short a time we have on this planet, then why is it we have things we want to do yet don’t do them?

Who are we waiting for to give us permission? How can we operate in a way that we take control and pursue the things we want without getting caught up and hindered by life’s many challenges?

We cover a lot in this episode including:

  • Time
  • How to change your perspective
  • Overcoming stresses and holding grudges
  • How to use a fear of dying as a positive, humbling motivator
  • Focussing on what’s within your control
  • How and why you really can do whatever you want to do in this world
  • How tech is changing the way we capture and share info
  • Permission
  • How only you can give yourself permission to do what you want
  • Feedback. Seeking feedback and understanding its context
  • Tips for taking advise, including your own
  • Thinking/knowledge vs acting on that knowledge



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