#28 Derek Sivers | The 7 Books That Changed Our Lives | Book Four


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Derek Sivers’ Blog on drama is the fourth book in our ‘7 Books That Changed Our Lives’ mini series.

“Having drama in your life is a choice”

This is actually a blog post rather than a book however it’s such a great piece of writing and has had such an impact on our lives that we wanted to include it in this mini series.

In this episode, we cover:

  • A short overview of the blog
  • The key lesson we took from the blog
  • How we applied that lesson to our life and how you can too

Listen to this short episode to hear our overview, thoughts and lessons learned from Derek Sivers’ Blog.

If you think we’ve missed something or have a great book recommendation for us, let us know at https://www.lifedesigndiaries.com

This episode is part of our mini series - The 7 Books That Changed Our Lives. If you haven’t listened to the other episodes, make sure you check them out.




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