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No one knows the value of love and support from family and friends better than Scott Olson. When he was eight, doctors took out one third of his brain. They said he wouldn't walk, talk or use his arm again. But Scott was undeterred and his family kept telling him that they loved him - his grandmother even snuck hamburgers into the hospital for him. He got back on track to school, walking and talking and living life with gusto and creativity and love. Getting here wasn't easy. His story is one of courage through great adversity where mostly the best advice was just the straight story so as not to create false hope, like, "kids can be mean." There are more challenges in Scott's life than most of us could even imagine and in the past he may have wrapped his identity in his disability. But he has separated from that view much more now. Scott produces a podcast and website with his wife about budgeting called Centsable Chat ( And, he is a poet, and a musician - imagine that after being told you can't use your arm you become a musician! He has be gracious enough to share one of his songs with us called LaughWithMe. It's at the end of his story.A Note On The Life Over Pain Theme Music:Emily Bielagus graciously and generously composed the lovely theme music for the Life Over Pain podcast. Find her music at Spotify,, and reach her at

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