Thursday Thoughts- Setting Limits


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was thinking about this today.

There are those of us who freely give.

We give our time serving at church or non-profits, coaching youth sports, and volunteering on boards.

We give our money and our resources to help others.

We coach, mentor, and try to make the world a better place.

We share our experiences, insights, failures, and success to help others. We personally and deeply invest in those around us.

Not because we have to, not because it is required, but because we want to. Not only do we want to, but have to, because we are wired that way.

Yet for some, no matter how much we give, no matter how much we sacrifice, they always ask for more.

When we finally can give no more, when our kindness and generosity have been exhausted and limits are set, they then turn on us.

When takers no longer have anything to take, because the giver can give no more they demonize the givers. They gaslight and attempt to act the victim.

To all the givers out there, do not be dismayed, do not let the actions of the few, stop you from being you. Do not become hardened, keep sharing, volunteering, coaching, and donating.

Keep letting your light shine. Givers understand that they can light others flames without extinguishing their own, takers think the fire belongs only to them.

Just learn to set limits from the beginning.

I'm not saying that everyone falls into this category, it is two extremes. Many people who live in the middle which is quite alright.

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