#034 Dietitian Chloe Adams Explains Differences Between SIBO and IBS


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Chloe Adams is a gastroenterology dietitian from the UK, who has post graduate training in medical conditions affecting the digestive system and accredited training in the delivery of the Low FODMAP Diet at King’s College London.

Chloe loves being able to have such a positive impact on people’s lives and she is very passionate about her job. Something else that Chloe enjoys very much is preparing tasty foods that are also healthy and friendly for our digestive system. This is why she has created a blog called “Tummy Love” where she shares recipes suitable for digestive issues, reviews suitable products, as well as sharing evidence-based information and advice aimed on improving digestive comfort through lifestyle change.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How did Chloe come across the low FODMAP diet?
  • What exactly is SIBO and what is its link to IBS?
  • Do SIBO and IBS have similar symptoms and does IBS cause SIBO or vice versa?
  • How is SIBO diagnosed and is there a cure?
  • How does the low FODMAP diet help those with SIBO and how does Chloe use it to treat her patients?
  • How and when are probiotics best used to treat IBS and SIBO?
  • Why is it essential to use a high-fibre diet in tandem with a low FODMAP diet for IBS-C sufferers?
  • Does the low FODMAP diet benefit those who suffer from IBS-C?
  • Why does Chloe recommend linseed?
  • What to watch out for in gluten free bread.

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