42 – Understanding Lex Luthor


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coverblackLex wasn’t just manic and unhinged, but a calculating criminal mastermind. Understanding and walking through Lex’s motives and machinations.

But first, two critical approaches: fault-finding vs. seeking. Superman’s status quo in-story and Superman cinematic strategy. Then was BvS joyless? A quick joke list.

Answers, insights, and commentary on:

  • Michelangelo’s Pietà – critical approach
  • Tuna fish, sashimi, tuna melt, nigiri, California roll – expectations and taste
  • Superman is honored and loved before BvS – status quo
  • How does BvS position Superman for JL?
  • What Lex knew and when
  • How Lex knows their secret identities
  • How metahumans change Lex’s plan
  • Why Lex doesn’t just kill Superman
  • What was Lex trying to accomplish in Africa
  • Why Lex isn’t worried about being traced
  • Why the evidence was suppressed
  • Superman didn’t kill the General rescuing Lois
  • Why ask for an import license if smuggling it
  • How Senator Finch pushes Lex’s buttons
  • How Bruce is “blind as a bat” in the light
  • Lex intended for Bruce to steal the files
  • Why Lex has a meltdown during his speech
  • How Lex fools Finch, Bruce, Mercy, Keefe, & Clark
  • Why Batman and Superman weren’t in Lex’s files
  • Why Bruce doesn’t suspect conspiracy with Keefe
  • Why it takes Lois to trace Keefe to Lex
  • Why Lex bombing the Senate hearing is brilliant
  • Why Lex didn’t enter the Ship after the fingerprints
  • Why Lex did enter the Scout Ship after the bombing
  • How Lex transcends into a supervillain
  • Why they didn’t let Superman speak
  • How the Scout Ship changes Lex’s priorities and plan
  • Why Batman is Lex’s Dark Knight
  • Why Lex unleashes Doomsday
  • What was the plan before Doomsday?

…and more.

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