Best Superman podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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show episodes presents Superman old time radio programs and shows.
Superman Fan Podcast is currently featuring the silver age of Superman stories found in Action Comics, Superman, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane and World's Finest Comics.
This podcast will focus on Superman, the Man of Steel comic, along with adding in talk about The Animated Series! Truth, Justice and the American way!
Podcast de Superman en todos sus medios de difusión (Cómic, TV, Coleccionables y Cine) y de todo lo relacionado con él (Universo DC).
The LIVE Superman radio show for Superman fans by Superman fans.
The Speeding Bulletin is your weekly video news report for the world of Superman. Brought to you by
He's been a gorilla. a werewolf, Elastic Lad, and the Red Headed Beatle of 1,000 B.C.; he's Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen. Join Gary Rolin and his teenage daughter, Ella Plum Rolin, as they explore the amazing, the absurd and the literally unbelievable adventures of The Daily Planet's favorite cub reporter.
1 on 1 interview show featuring the creative minds behind Comics TV Film Novels & Animation. Hosted by Chicago Pop Culture expert, John Siuntres
Nerds Who Wait
Talking about movies... in the future!
Cartoon Corner
Classic and Vintage Cartoons from the 1930s through the 1950s. Great family fun when going to the movies was entertainment. Do you remember the cartoons during intermission? The red bouncing ball sing along? Cartoon Corner will take you back to those simple days of just fun,
The Fan's Movie Podcast!
a one on one interview show where comic TV film and other pop culture creators discuss their current and past works. recent guests and subjects include DC Comics, Marvel, Watchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons, Batman writers Greg Rucka , Grant Morrison, and Alex Ross
The podcast where pop culture meets suicide prevention!
Join Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob as they watch the theatrical adaptations of Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing, and all the other heroes, and not-so-heroic characters, that originated in the pages of DC Comics
Hyper Heroes
A weekly talkie dedicated to the heroes of cinema and TV. Join Adam Hlavac, Hector Navarro, and Agustin Rios as they engage in friendly discourse about the latest news, reviews and more!Hyper Heroes is a part of @HyperRPG.
Verbal Cardio
Comedian Tony Baker talks about everything from life, movies & music.
An Old Time Radio podcast of the 1940s Superman radio show starting Bud Collyer. All episodes shown believed to be in the public domain.
An Internet Radio Show covering all of nerdworld!! We have Star Trek, Star Wars, Anime, comic book and movie shows, even a show about giant monsters. All done with humor and production value in mind!
Podcasting to share family friendly entertainment through old time radio, and more.
DC Comics Squadcast
This is the DC Comics podcast where we discuss DC Comics focused on Rebirth and the Justice League Team!
Deadpan Fury
Deadpan Fury was an internet version of talk radio complete with aspiring writers, lovers of pop culture, and internet philosophers. As a contributor there, Marcus spent most of his time arguing about his love for a bunch of things that never made him any money or notoriety. Rather than buck that trend, this podcast will celebrate his cavalcade of crappy life choices.
Paperkeg is the way comics were meant to be read – by hearing about them.
The Let's Go Comic Show is an offshoot of the Let's Go! Podcast. Join hosts Justin Kowalski and Matt Richey as they jump into the world of comics and their reach into pop culture and our lives! LET'S GO!
The Voice of the Comic Book Community
Radio Retropolis
Hosted by Jim Romanovich. Retro cool, refreshingly new. A network of podcasts under several genres relating to the retro pop culture field and how these features are relevant to everyone today. Retro doesn't mean old. It's about a style and a vibe that is all about one's passion. These podcasts will consist of classic radio drama and discussion, blogs, new interviews from individuals who contributed to the pop culture experience, and high end audio documentaries.
Kids, looking for adventure? Listen daily to these Serialized Tales From The Radio Planet.
Welcome to All Along the Watchtower! This is a DCAU Rewatch podcast hosted by Zack and featuring Graham, Mitch and Cameron along with any friends we manage to drag along for the ride. We will be examining the landmark television universe masterminded by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, among others, from Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 all the way to Justice League: Unlimited in 2006 and everything in between.
A podcast about Superman comics published between 1986 and 2006.
Geek Vs
Things are about to get weird when Tony, Casey, and Betty get together weekly to provide a “nerd’s eye view of pop culture.” These only children geeks have somehow managed not to kill each other, as they get silly as they chat about movies, television, and all things pop culture. If you like comedy podcasts with a geeky twist, you should check out Geek Vs - Pop Culture Comedy.
Written, produced and hosted by Joe Stuber. In his guise as Stuberman, Joe has created the world’s first podcast devoted exclusively to in-depth interviews with the legendary talents (actors, writers, producers, directors and more) who have brought comic book properties to life on TV, Broadway, film, video games, live events and beyond!
Welcome to All Along the Watchtower! This is a DCAU Rewatch podcast hosted by Zack and featuring Graham, Mitch and Cameron along with any friends we manage to drag along for the ride. We will be examining the landmark television universe masterminded by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, among others, from Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 all the way to Justice League: Unlimited in 2006 and everything in between.
SOME OF MY FRIENDS READ COMICS is a book-club format podcast about reading the great comic book stories for the first time. On each episode, your hosts will review a classic comic book story or run, examine how well it holds up, and figure out how it fits within the grand context of comics.
Movie Maintenance
Equal parts fan fiction, review show and armchair producing as we look at Hollywood's greats and not-so-greats. Join us as we propose a very simple premise; we can do it better. Movie Maintenance - because some films just need fixing.
Answering Man of Steel Questions, Criticisms, & Controversies to gain Insight into the DC Cinematic Universe
The Incomparable
The Incomparable is a weekly dive into geeky media we love, including movies, books, TV, comics, and more, featuring a rotating panel of guests and hosted by Jason Snell.
The Carousel
The Carousel – preserving the past while looking toward the future. Entertainment and art are one in the same and we love it all. The Carousel is primarily a weekly podcast with rotating subject matters including comics, movies, music, and videogames. We will not have day one reviews of new content, those bases are already covered pretty substantially by other media sites. What we will have are introspective thoughts in article form into the past, present, and future of the mediums we passio ...
Two huge DC Comics fans discuss, analyze and criticize Batman v Superman scene by scene on a weekly podcast. We also feature guests with varying viewpoints - good and bad. Mostly, we just geek out on DC lore.The People v Batman v Superman is hosted by Chris Ayers and Dennis Cooper.
The father and daughter team of Jay and Diana strive to bring you the finest in podcast tomfoolery with their keen insights into geek culture. From comic books to video games and everything nerdy in between tune in as this dynamic duo educate you on stuff you don't need to
Sci-Fi Talk
Conversations with Actors And Creators of Sci-Fi,Fantasy,Horror Movies And TV
A master feed for all of Bureau 42's audio podcast content.
Your pop culture will be pursued, overtaken and run clear off the road.
A comic journalist in the twilight of his career still grasping for his first Eisner runs into a young buck that mildly reminds him of his youth. Their warped enthusiasm for the comic book industry unites them to spread the good word to the inter-web. Realistically, we are two nerds that love comic books and want to entertain you with quality recommendations, creator interviews, and reports from your favorite publisher. For diehard fans and comic newbs; all are welcome to the Comics Show on ...
Lifelong friends Jake Baldino and Andrew Gebbia discuss life, video games, movies, and more.
Crave (HQ)
Crushworthy tech, science, and culture
No topic is off limits as long as it has to do with comics, movies, TV, video games, or music.
A podcast discussing narratives and the creative process in film, tv, books and video games.
Film Fandango
Comedians David Reed and Marek Larwood discuss films old and new, from the latest releases to cult classics.
HeroBlend is both CinemaBlend's oldest and newest podcast, originating as a video series launched back in January 2014 before becoming a Facebook Live broadcast in the fall of 2016. In this hour-long extension of the weekly show, hosts Eric Eisenberg and Adrienne Jones discuss and break down the latest news and events in the world of comic book movies and television, relating the material back to its source, to past adaptations, and to what may lie ahead in the future!
Absolutely Nothing
Feeding the streets with straight heat. Steve and Eric talk about everything except politics. Inspired by the Joe Rogan Experience.
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Note This was recorded a few weeks before the Death of Stan Lee The Ny Times ran this comic strip tribute to Stan from Brian . We talk about the fun we had at NY comic con, brian's hang time with... WORDBALLOON features one on one interviews with the writers and artists behind today's pop culture favorites. The creative minds behind today's hot ...…
Note This was recorded a few weeks before the Death of Stan Lee The Ny Times ran this comic strip tribute to Stan from Brian . We talk about the fun we had at NY comic con, brian's hang time with Frank Miller, lots on Superman, Young Justce and the whole Wonder Comics line, Jinxworld updates and more…
Trade-In Value: Agents of Atlas, Mystik U, and The Switch: Electricia This episode, I talk about three trades I enjoyed: Agents of Atlas, The Complete Collection vol 1 (Marvel) Mystik U (DC) The Switch: Electricia (Dynamite) Please send your comments to, chat with me @longboxreview on Twitter, and visit ...…
Stan Lee, Marvel Comics writer, art director, publisher, promoter, and icon, died November 12 at age 95. While he is loved by many, and undoubtedly had a hand in some of the greatest stories of Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, and more, he was also known to aggravate disputes over story credit and art ownership with the likes of Jack Kirby and S ...…
November 2018 Previews George and I go over the November 2018 Previews catalog for items shipping starting in January. Please send your comments to, chat with me @longboxreview on Twitter, and visit Please subscribe, rate, and review the show via Apple podcasts. Thanks for listening! Links: George and ...…
Flashback to Dennis asking Jack for a raise, and the jokes from the previous show are revisited. Dennis lets it out that Fred Allen will be returning to the air next week. Mel Blanc has some fun pretending to be the sound man. The fun moves into the studio as Phil plays, Shoo Shoo Baby. Jack departs from the issue of the raise, and teases Phil ...…
Corpses in a field bring Mulder and Scully to investigate, and alien abduction is a possibility.
Robbery Detail. Thieves break in, and threaten an elderly couple as they ransack their home. Arriving in the office of the Robbery detail, Joe Friday gets the gruesome details from partner Ben Romero on how the elderly couple were tortured and beaten during the robbery of their jewelry. Joe offers voiceover to transition the scene to the home, ...…
Another Thanksgiving is upon us, so we wanted to take the opportunity to have a very special Geek Vs episode where we try to be thankful for a few things. We also talk about our Thanksgiving traditions, favorite foods, and parades. As always, thank you so much for checking out our episodes and supporting the show. Support Us Subscribe on Apple ...…
Friday and Jacobs are in court as a suspect for robbery and murder is put on trial. But they are concerned the case has too many loose ends that may result in acquittal. Commentary on the brilliance of Dragnet with sound, realism, and showing us who represents the audience in the cast.
It’s the FIFTH anniversary of Comic Book Central and I’m celebrating by taking a look back at some of the amazing guests and moments from Year Five of the show! PLUS – one listener will receive an EXCLUSIVE Superman: The Movie 40th anniversary print by super-talented artist Jon Pinto! Subscribe to the show in iTunes ...…
Blank VHS tapes. So many of us had them. So many of us still have them. But what happens when you unearth a pile of vaguely labeled blank tapes in your parents' basement and you pop them into your VCR? Well, that's exactly what I did. In this episode, I talk about my personal history with VCRs and VHS tapes as well as what I found in a pretty l ...…
Robin was Dick Grayson but is the current Robin just a dick? In Titans episode 6 we meet Jason Todd, get more insight into Dick’s origin and learn a bit more why a mystery group is after Rachel. SPOILERS!!
Breaking Late Comic Book News – October 2018 Travis ( and joins me to discuss all the comic book news from the last month that caught our attention. Please send your comments to, chat with me @longboxreview on Twitter, and visit longboxrevi ...…
Finally Jack and the crew are all ready to get back to Hollywood and leave the slopes behind. But first he has to deal with his absent-minded doctor and goofy nurse. Also despite a lack of birthday gifts from his faithful cast, he does get a fairly impressive singing telegram. If you remember, this ski trip is supposed to have taken place the w ...…
Gildersleeve is moving kind of slow as he lingers in getting out to work. The family gives him a hard time about not being on the job. Marjorie starts looking at sales for doing Christmas shopping, LeRoy asks for some spending money, but is encouraged to get a job of his own. In trying to help, Gildy tries to put in a good word for LeRoy, and g ...…
This episode is dedicated to Stan Lee, his family and close friends. Without him and Jack Kirby’s creations this podcast wouldn’t exist. Shit, Allen or I may not be reading comics if it wasn’t for Stan Lee’s views on what an X-Man live with, goes through and fights for everyday. That’s why we love the X-Men. ____________________________________ ...…
The Gutters: 11-05-18 What’s been going on with me these last two weeks? Plus recommendations and listener feedback! Links: The Gutters are audio posts about my life outside and in between the pages of comic books. Previous The Gutters posts:…
This month’s Poll List review is East of West Vol. 1, written by Jonathan Hickman with art by Nick Dragotta. A genre-blending, post-apocalyptic sci-fi western! Enjoy! This episode originally appeared on
Just returning from the post office, Abner has a pile of mail, but not the items Lum is expecting. With labor shortages, is he being realistic in hoping to get applications from the replacement school teacher? Lum wants to invest in the future of our nation, and pay top wages to the next teacher. Professor Sloane is eager to get to his next pos ...…
John and James discuss GREEN LANTERN #1 by DC, MARVEL KNIGHTS 20TH #1 by Marvel and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CLASSIC #1 by DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT. Time Codes: 00:00 Intro 00:44 DC: GREEN LANTERN #1 13:21 Marvel: MARVEL KNIGHTS 20TH #1 21:48 Other: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA CLASSIC #1 [DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT] 29:59 General discussion 51:49 Next Week Prom ...…
With several expeditions lost, Perry White and Lois Lane take an experimental, unregistered stratoplane, which can fly at higher altitudes, to the mountains to investigate the unusual events. Meanwhile, Clark is called to Washington to work with the government. Commentary on Lois Lane's feelings towards Clark as referenced by the dialogue in th ...…
The Legion Project 12: The More Things Change Presenting a joint podcast production with Peter from The Daily Rios podcast (where you can also listen and subscribe to The Legion Project), where we will discuss, issue by issue, the 1984 Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 3) series affectionately known as the “Baxter run”. In this episode, we discuss ...…
I enjoy variety, which is why I’m talking with Lynsey G. from Oneshi Press during Episode 355! She’s one of the driving forces behind that company, and she also writes two of the series’ in their Oneshi Press Quarterly Anthology series. Right now, she has a Kickstarter project going on for Tracy Queen Volume 1, which deserves your support! We d ...…
Time for a great crime noir comic, and that’s Dead Rabbit from Image Comics! During Episode 354, I talk with artist John McCrea from this gripping book, including his role in bringing series to life. Working with Gerry Duggan, he breathes life into a criminal who has completed a big heist, then vanished, only to reappear again! Why? That’s part ...…
As George tries to get the show started we learn that Gracie is missing. We learn that she's busy at home, trying to take care of sick relatives. The whole cast is on hand to pitch in their words of humor and concern over Gracie. Artie Shaw, Bud Easton, and Senor Lee. The action moves to Gracie's house where medical jokes are the theme. Since i ...…
The meeting of the Jolly Boys club is called to order, and Floyd shares some complaints. He feels the club has been taking advantage of him, and not paying rent for the meeting room. Gildy is upset over not getting his bang for his buck. Should they open the club to new members? This could be the ideal time to invite Mr Bullard into the club, i ...…
Final episode looking at season two with interviews with astronomer Lucianne Walekowitz, historian Susan Wise Bauer, Martian author Andy Weir, Showrunner Dee Johnson, executive producer Justin Wilkes, Jeff Hephner, Jihae, Evan Hall, Dr Michio Kaku, former astronaut Leland Melvin, author Dr Stephen Petranek, and actor Anna Maria Marinca.…
Playing to the military crowd at the Birmingham hospital, Jack, Don, and Mary tailor their jokes to life on the post. Jokes about doctors, and medicine are a theme. Phil enters with his characteristic loud entrance, and jokes about his nightlife with the band. Larry Stevens reads a fan letter... sort of. Larry's song is snipped, and the militar ...…
A couple married for a month move into a love cottage. Upon accidentally reading her husband’s diary, the wife learns that her new husband is planning to murder her. Tonight. At exactly 6pm. Commentary on the short story written by Agatha Christie. Plus, the sordid legend of Philomela from which this name is derived.…
Thanksgiving dinner draft Gather ‘round the dinner table and prepare to partake in an amazing feast produced by your podcast pals. To celebrate Thanksgiving we’re drafting an entire meal, dish by dish. Kathy reveals her hands-off approach to Thanksgiving dinner. Phil has follow-up questions. Monty has a plan for immortality. Moisés impores you ...…
SURPRISE SURPRISE! Garage Sale Gloat is BACK with a GUEST GLOATER! Join Two True Freaks CO-CREATOR AND CHRIS' BEST BUDDY SCOTT GARDNER as he prowls the DESOLATE YARD SALE EXPANSES OF SUNNY FLORIDA choked with OLD PEOPLE SALES and manages to STILL STRIKE GOLD! ALSO - Catch up with Scott on the HELL THAT IS EBAY!DON'T MISS IT!!! Feedback for this ...…
Diana decided to visit us from college so we decided with Crimes Of Grindelwald coming out this weekend we should reflect on the entire HP franchise. From books to movies to video games to theme parks as well as off Broadway shows, JK Rowling’s creation has a vast reach. What do we like and what falls flat? Is The Wizarding World Of Harry Potte ...…
The crew of Zone 4 returns for a brand new episode of the podcast! This time, they talk Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern #1 and DC Universe’ Titans episode 4! Listen to Zone 4 Aftermath exclusively on Patreon: Find more at: Music provided (with permission) by The Ray Wall Band and Society’s Plague ...…
Graham MacNamee welcomes Dinah Shore to tell about a truck driver who is a fan of hers. The overworked, and sleepy owner operator was revived after hearing Dinah sing a song he requested. The sound affect of the week is shared, and revealed how it was made. Listen to learn how a guillotine is made with sound. A potential radio announcer is give ...…
This week we were given the sad news that Stan Lee passed away. His loss will be felt by all of us. Paul, Scott & Bill talk about Stan, his legacy and what he meant to them individually. Feedback for this show can be sent to: Two True Freaks! is a proud member of BOTH the Comics Podcast Network (http://www.comicspodcasts. ...…
An old friend visits Nick Carter. Marvin is looking for his bride, who had been out of the country, and expected to return a few days ago. Alice Evans is reported to be registered in a hotel, but is it the right girl? Has 3 years changed her? Nick mobilizes Riley, Patsy, and Penny to search for a missing Mr Winslow, then he puts Alice to the te ...…
Getting into her role for a school production, Kathy practices her lines as a carrot. Jim is annoyed at interruptions to his evening newspaper. When an important contract is discovered, Jim just can't call without being properly introduced. Priorities have shifted,, and dinner is late, Kathy looks like a pumpkin, and not a carrot. Is there some ...…
This week on the pod, James and Marco are joined by Kaitlin Reilly of the Riverdale Register podcast to talk about the new Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (18:20). Some of us liked it more than others. Marco is obsessed with Madam Satan, James would rather watch a show about Totally Rad Gay Warlock Undertaker Ambrose, and Kaitlin ...…
A scientist discovers a solution that keeps one living forever and someone is willing to kill him because of it. Commentary on the God complex theme in many Shadow episodes. Plus, Blue Coal sponsor speaks of infantile paralysis, better known as polio, which was quite the epidemic of the day.
Welcome to TWO TRUE FREAKS PRESENTS! Join us as the guys from Star Trek Next Generation First Generation cross over into the evil FREAK UNIVERSE for a Summer (and beyond) series of movie commentaries for movies from 1988! This time it's John Water's smash hit - HAIRSPRAY!It's the 60's, good music, great fashion and just some awful awful racism. ...…
Thank You, Stan Lee This week we're paying tribute to Stan Lee. The pop culture legend died this week, so we honor his life, work, and legacy as well as share how he's touched our lives. We will also be going through some of the reactions to his death that were posted to social media this week, including one that led to some controversy. And, o ...…
World's Finest Comics 151, August 1965! Download Episode 385 Part II! WORLD'S FINEST COMICS 151, August 1965, was published on June 10, 1965. It contained 32 pages for the cover price of 12¢. The editor was Mort Weisinger, and the cover was pencilled by Curt Swan, inked by George Klein and inked by Ira Schnapp. - (4:22) MY PULL LIST segment, wh ...…
Ra's Al Ghul. One of Batman's most dangerous enemies, and the subject of this episode. This time out, I compare his introduction in the Animated Series with the comics that were adapted for those episodes. Feedback for this show can be sent to: You can subscribe to Charlie’s Geekcast through iTunes, the RSS Feed, Stit ...…
Welcome to another adventure in the multiverse! Everything is truly awesome and tubular for this episode. We're joined by the host of Everything is Awesome Podcast, Kevin Gallagher. Kevin is the host of not only this podcast but a few others as well. He runs the That's Entertainment network on top of it all. Kevin, chose the directory of this m ...…
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