Marc Stein, SVP, Reveals How Dell Technologies is Building a Single View of the Customer


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In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Marc Stein. Marc is responsible for Dell Technologies Customer Data and Insights. We discuss the advancements that Dell Technologies has made to provide a single view of their customer across all continents, products, and services.

Marc leads a team comprised of data scientists, design thinkers and program managers who translate operational, financial and customer experience data into emerging insights and then drive cross-functional programs to improve customer economics and NPS.

Dell Technologies is unique in the world in that they've actually developed a single view of their customers from thousands of different data feeds through a data lake. It's a fascinating advancement and Marc explains the journey they've made, their goals, compliance concerns, and ultimately how the companies within the Dell technologies family is utilizing the data.

Special Guest: Marc Stein.

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