Accelerate your Learning and GPA with the Non-Traditional Accelerator, Camille Roney BSc


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Chase DiMarco talks to Camille Roney, an academic coach and teacher at Non-Trad Accelerator for non-traditional students. Camille shares how she raised her GPA from 2.3 to 4.10, practical study tips to increase your productivity, and the power of positive thinking.

  • [01:01] What is a Non-Traditional Student
  • [02:40] How to Raise your GPA from 2.3 to 4.10
  • [05:50] Study Tips to Increase Your Productivity
  • [10:02] Effective Speed Reading Tools and Strategies
  • [15:20] Testing and Improving your Memory Skills
  • [16:50] Memory and Mnemonic Techniques
  • [19:10] The Power of Positive Thinking

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