Micro Meditations


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These "micro meditations" are for anyone who is at a distance from a Buddhist meditation group, doesn't have a lot of time to practice, as well as for those who just need a reminder in their day to stay focused. "Micro Meditations" are meant to inspire you on your Zen practice journey where ever you might be. No more excuses as to why you can not practice in this moment. These encouraging words are between 1 and 4 minutes long. They are based in the experience of Soto Zen Buddhist priest and authentically transmitted teacher, Daishin McCabe. You can listen to them in your car*, on your phone, or on your meditation cushion before sitting. Visit him at www.zenfields.org to learn more, or email him at daishin@zenfields.org for upcoming retreats, practice opportunities, or to set up a private consultation for spiritual direction. Questions and comments are welcome. Send them to daishin@zenfields.org. As with all of the Buddha's teachings, don't follow these "Micro Meditations" if they do not help to lead you to the end of suffering. Feel free to reach out to Daishin for clarification should the need arise. *Use discretion in trying to practice these meditations while driving. Some are more suited for being still, while others can be heard at any time.

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