Building Connection | Talking to Your Kids About Sex Ep 20


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The question in everyone’s mind when it comes to having THE talk, or even attempting ‘the birds and the bees’ conversation is: how young is too young? But thanks to our guest expert, Mandi Nutall, even our little ones can benefit from having these conversations. Yes, our two and three year-olds included! Mandi lovingly and concisely explains why and how as she expertly guides us through a nerve-racking conversation. One with far greater repercussions than we can imagine. But there’s great news ahead: it CAN be fun and easy-going if you follow these tips.

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Mandi Nutall

Mandi and her kind-hearted husband Matt found out real quick how easy it is to go from 3 to 5 kids after twins rocked their world. In between the craziness of motherhood, Mandi has found another incredible purpose. Mandi is now publishing her first book, The Birthday Suit Book 1: Yearly Guides to Easily Teach Children Ages 1 to 9 About Their Body and Sex.Mandi believes in the limitless potential within families to do good and raise knowledgeable children. She wrote this book to make the process simple, and empower parents to then empower their children to respect and love their body.


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