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You may feel overwhelmed all the time, or like your brain and mental/spiritual/physical challenges are a burden on not just your own self but the people around you, you may feel very alone and isolated with this, you may feel ashamed and uncomfortable talking about it to anyone for a million reasons both human and societal. That's okay. That's normal as fuck. Me too.

After a year of doing this podcast, I have realized the real point of My Good Bad Brain is letting each you know you're not the only crazy one. I'm the host, Jarrett Sleeper, and I have bad ADHD and depression I didn't get officially diagnosed until I was 32. I hope if you also have a good bad brain you and have found this podcast. just reading this will help you realize :

a) you're not alone, it's not that weird, a lot of other "crazy" people are out there and we're doing alright

b) your experiences and challenges are as REAL and VALID as they are shared, AND you also have the ability to shape your thoughts and actions and not only be okay but happy and thriving even with diagnosed mental disorders. (Undiagnosed as well, just because a doctor didn't tell me 'til I was 32 didn't mean I didn't have it!)

Through confessional brain breather solo episodes and incredibly honest, unedited conversations with other good bad brain havers, My Good Bad Brain is cultivating an invisible network of unique humans with shared experiences to create a sense of quiet solidarity for crazy people. While I can only speak for myself, but My Good Bad Brain has made being a person more possible for me and I aim to share this sense of possibility with anyone else who might need it.

Self - care, hydrate, be well.

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