N4L 156: "On With the Butter!" by Heidi Herman


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Heidi Herman serves up her latest book, On With the Butter! Spread More Living onto Everyday Life. Taking the title from an Icelandic expression meaning “Carry on, keep doing what you’re doing, forge ahead, and keep moving!” and inspired by her nonagenarian mother who lived by this mantra, Herman compiles dozens of ideas to fully embrace each day with enthusiasm and curiosity. She includes both spontaneous and planned activities for a rich life filled with zest, offering a wide variety of activities and challenges for those in retirement or for anybody with a little free time looking to add some fun and adventure to everyday living.


  • “Grandmas Project,” spearheaded by Jonas Pariente, allows families to capture videos of older family members sharing their heritage through cooking or sharing recipes and skills that they want to pass on.
  • “Take the scenic route” by traveling by train or bus.
  • Keep learning by taking advantage of free community classes, going to museums, or attending lectures at nature preserve.
  • Volunteer in places you love—National Parks, libraries, gardens, and nonprofits.
  • “Musicians on Call” connects musicians and singers who bring music to healthcare facilities.
  • “Be a hometown tourist” by referencing brochures in hotels, using resources from the Chamber of Commerce, touring local factories, and checking online for nearby events.


  • “Being spontaneous—even occasionally—also prevents us from getting into ruts and opens the door to more connection with our family and friends. And it turns out that playing life by ear can be beneficial for our health and happiness.”
  • “There’s no reason that the lack of a companion should stop us from visiting someplace new. In most cases, if we’re enjoying a park, a museum, or a gallery alone, no one will take a second look. Likely, no one will care or find it odd if we’re alone…Let’s not worry about what other people think.”
  • “There is no maximum age for new experiences and no expiration date for a challenge. To truly reach life’s full potential, we should never stop pushing ourselves toward something new. Testing our limits helps us determine what we’re fully capable of, whether that’s a physical accomplishment, a mental challenge, or a leadership achievement in a group.”
  • “As adults, we often have to remind ourselves that it’s okay to play, laugh, and joke around and that, in fact, it’s healthy. Too often we avoid play because we’re self-conscious about looking silly, especially as we get older.”

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