N4L 134: "Brand New Name" by Jeremy Miller


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Branding expert Jeremy Miller shares his trade secrets in his second book, Brand New Name: A Proven Step-by-Step Process to Create an Unforgettable Brand Name. Miller’s book outlines how to name or rename anything through his practical how-to guide that includes loads of examples and inspirational stories. Miller himself had to “eat his own dog food” by naming his book using his own carefully designed branding process, which he describes this way: “Brand New Name takes the guesswork out of name selection. Using a set of exercises and tools, you will shortlist, evaluate, test, and select the right name for your brand.”

Because branding is so inherently visual, Miller designed the book to have almost every other page to showcase key quotes, logos, photos, and graphs—a visual treat for the reader! Above all, Miller strongly asserts, “Everyone is creative.”


  • Try developing a brand name before starting a company or service.
  • Avoid using the phrase, “One-stop shop.”
  • A company tagline is like the subtitle of a book.
  • George Eastman, “the godfather of marketing,” created the word “Kodak.”
  • A name is a vessel holding all the contents of a company.
  • When renaming, you need a minimum of 18 months to “pour the contents” into a new name.
  • Descriptive brand names: Netflix, The Dollar Store
  • Suggestive brand names: (experience) Pampers, Twitter
  • Abstract brand names: (empty vessel) Bluetooth, Nike
  • The Flynn Effect of IQ and The Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking – two long-term studies that reveal our creativity is plummeting worldwide


  • “Names are like poetry. In a word or two, you are capturing the essence of your company, product, or idea. It’s a simple phrase that contains so much meaning.”
  • “Names create the story you want to share.”
  • “It’s not about the business you’ve built. It’s about the business you’re building. What are you going to do next?”
  • “Names often outlive products and strategies, especially in old firms.”
  • “A name is the longest-living artifact inside any business.”
  • “The beauty of naming is it’s immensely creative. You can use real words, take words from stories or history, or create words. There really are no limits when it comes to naming.”

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