Ep. 75: Range (David Epstein Interview)


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Episode 75 of the NonProphets podcast, in which Atief, Robert, and Scott interview David Epstein, author of the best-selling books Range and The Sports Gene. We talk to David about what it means to have range and how the 10,000 hour rule falls short (00:38); how to adapt to "wicked" learning environments (03:10); why "omnivorous generalists" are better at forecasting (18:40); how his research influenced the way he will raise his own child (29:00); what we get wrong about Mozart and Tiger Woods (33:40); the advantages of having students explore topics broadly rather than teaching them narrow skills (38:45); the value of "skill-stacking (50:00); and his experience interviewing Sir Roger Bannister (56:40). As always, you can reach us at nonprophetspod.wordpress.com or at nonprophetspod@gmail.com. (recorded 7/23/2019)

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