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Art meets science! Problems meet solutions! Climate change meets … hope? In this atypical episode, things get casual as hell as Alie sits down to talk about the Drawdown Design Project: an illustration non-profit started by filmmaker, Emmy-nominated television editor and longtime friend Andy Hall. When he’s not having to edit Alie on Innovation Nation, Andy is the founder and creative director of the Drawdown Design Project, which commissioned some of the world’s most sought-after artists to illustrate climate solutions outlined by Drawdown.org. What resulted was the just-released limited-edition 200 print run of ENGAGE, EMPOWER, CULTIVATE and ELECTRIFY. Andy walks me through the passion, the production and the process of raising money for rainforests while making something gorgeous and uplifting. Also: I used to serve snacks on film sets.

Get one of the 200 limited-edition Drawdown Design Project prints

Follow Drawdown Design Project on Instagram and maybe win a poster!

More info on climate solutions at Drawdown.org

More about the illustrators

ENGAGE by Brian Steely

CULTIVATE by Tula Lotay

EMPOWER by Khary Randolph

ELECTRIFY by Malleus

A donation went to Rainforest Coalition

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