The Five Biggest Mistakes on Keto | Luis Villasenor (Ketogains)


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First up was Ketogains’ Luis Villasenor. He suggested that we should get together and talk about what a healthy low carb or keto diet should look like. You can watch our chat here.

We covered a broad range of important questions, including:

Why is protein important for fat loss, body composition, diabetes management?

Is there a protein target that most people should aim for?

How do nutrition/protein recommendations change for older people?

What are the biggest misconceptions when it comes to protein?

Ketogains talk about using “fat as a lever”? What does that mean?

When does “healthy fat” become something we should minimise/reduce/avoid?

What foods do you recommend most people eat?

How does that change for fat loss, muscle gain/bulking?

What is your experience testing ketones?

What values did you see in the early days? How about now?

What measures do you use to track progress?





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