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Megan Beauchamp is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor with over ten years of experience in digital publishing. She is currently the managing editor at the modern career platform Create & Cultivate and was previously the managing editor at MyDomaine, a leading women’s lifestyle site. Her work has appeared in a number of notable publications, including House Beautiful, Hunker, Lonny, Bustle, Who What Wear, and Brit + Co., among others. Megan’s stories span home décor, food, travel, career, finance, and entertainment. In the episode to follow, we learn all about Megan’s career, dive into the world of editorial calendars, producing from a place of service, and Megan walks us through her personal pitching preferences.


  • Megan talks about her work experience and her current position at Create & Cultivate. As managing editor, she gets to wear a different hat every day, being in charge of the many areas of the multimedia platform.
  • As a journalist, Megan has many interests, how does she decide the next topic to write about? For her, it is all about creating a piece that’ll be of service to people.
  • Megan explains what an editorial calendar is, how it works, and how they use it to think about themes to publish according to certain events or times of the year. It is also a tool that you should have in mind when pitching! Tip: If your pitch is related to an event or time of the year, start a month ahead!
  • Megan is up for being pitched. At Create & Cultivate, they are always looking out for founders who want to share their honest financial and career stories. She shares with us her preferred days and medium to be pitched, as well as her pet peeves.

To get in touch with Megan, follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn, or visit her website. You can also visit the Create & Cultivate site.

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