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A podcast dedicated to female empowerment through living our truth and daring to change. This is a community that's centered on sisterhood, connection, authentic conversations, and creating real transformation. We share what inspires, challenges, moves and shapes us, in hopes that it will do the same for you. Please join the conversation, because while it's great just the two of us, it's so much better when we're in it together! Join the conversation at and conne ...
Named one of the Top 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality - tune in to find out why! Wednesday or Thursday nites, hear Dr. Rev. Karen Tate, author, speaker, and teacher, discussing global and personal issues with a broad spectrum of advocates, visionaries and forward thinkers from a Divine Feminine, Right Brain point of view. Some call it the Feminine Consciousness or the shift away from patriarchal values. These are issues that could raise your consciousness or save the world. ...
Welcome to The Wicked Wallflowers Club! We are two authors who read, write, and love everything about the romance genre. We celebrate female empowerment and sex positivity. Entertainment Weekly featured us on their "Must List" as "a compelling reminder of why the oft-dismissed genre is a real force in cultural conversations".
Empower Outdoors
Join Ali Juten and Phil Stepp while they share their passion for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing. Ali brings a unique female perspective to the outdoor world, while Phil shares his years of knowledge in DIY hunting and fishing. They also interview a variety of outdoor personalities and experts in the field! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Finding Connection on and off the trail The goal of the podcast is to capture these deep conversations and share the stories of ultra runners and adventurers, with a focus on telling female athletes stories. Conversations that go beyond running to explore what it means to push your limits, seek adventure and find connection out on the trail. The guests and their stories will inspire you and hopefully empower you to find your own adventure and tell your own story
Entrepreneurial Ideas|Womens Empowerment|Business Strategy Examples| Each show provides you with "a Goldmine of Entrepreneurial Ideas, Tips, Strategies and Advice to grow your business to new Heights of Success from Inspirational Business Women in the Know.”Hear the inspired stories and personal struggles of these amazing women and learn how they rose to the top of their field while making a big impact on the lives of others.As your host, it is my deepest desire to uplift and inspire our "si ...
Get ready for intimate soulful conversations that will inspire you on your path to authentic living. Welcome to Inspired Conversations where Inspirational Catalyst Linda Joy, Publisher of Aspire Magazine, six time bestselling publisher at Inspired Living Publishing, and one of the premiere voices in women’s inspirational print and multimedia publishing brings you intimate, authentic conversations with today’s leading visionary women in personal and spiritual development, success and mindset, ...
Love Your Bod Pod
Welcome to Love Your Bod Pod, a podcast all about intuitive eating, female empowerment, body positivity and saying goodbye to diet culture. Cara Carin Cifelli is your host, she is a holistic health coach, author, speaker, online course creator, and avocado toast lover!
Get in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology, and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics, and society.
We will discuss topics about spirituality, holistic health, energy, relationships, nutrition, aromatherapy, peace, harmony, prosperity, & Divine Love.
Yasss Bitch!!!
Just a place to share your awkward, awful, funny, and bomb dickuations! And get a good dose of female empowerment! It’s story time! ⚠️ Warning: Explicit Content!
On The Spot is an interview podcast hosted by On The Dot Woman, a women's empowerment organization dedicated to uplifting and empowering women. In this interview series, we sit down with some of the most intriguing and inspiring #WomenToWatch featured in our daily podcast, Four Minutes with On The Dot.
DivaTalkRadio is a service of Divabetic, a national health and wellness nonprofit, a forum for education, empowerment and encouragement for those living with, at risk of and affected by diabetes and a channel on a mission to glamorize good health. Hosted by the happiest health care "MC," Max “Mr. Divabetic” Szadek, DivaTalkRadio will change attitudes, boost spirits, encourage hope and motivate others to stay healthy with a feather boa, a smile and fabulous sense of style! DivaTalkRadio is th ...
She Mentors
She Mentors aims to connect, support and empower women in business. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our bi-monthly MeetUps celebrate the successes – and failures – of our businesses. We discuss the challenges women face in the workplace; get tips and advice from Australia's best female entrepreneurs; and meet like-minded women who want to help each other succeed. And that's why we've decided to do a podcast edition – to share the love far and wide. To inspire each other to step up and take ac ...
This show is focused on extraordinary female entrepreneurs. Each show will showcase an amazing entrepreneurial woman and crazy great biz tips.
Get in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology, and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics, and society.
The Higher Self Voice radio hosted by Janet Richmond! Tune into this fascinating show - every Wednesday from 10 am pacific time - as Janet Richmond leads listeners through an hour or two of rich, tantalizing, 5th dimensional, raw spiritual information direct from the Higher Selves! 2015 brings a shift to the show where Janet opens up the forum to share much more of the Higher Self information. The breadth of the material is vast and Janet will offer many different perspectives sometimes delv ...
Raising a pack of four on my own was a struggle. Not gonna sugarcoat it. I failed more than I succeeded. There was probably more heartbreak than heartfelt. But it was the love I had for my kids and my dogs, that kept me from jumping off the bridge. They needed me as much as I needed them. And despite the pain I was in, there was a reason to get up in the morning and quit my sniveling. As the years dragged on, I made a ton of mistakes. Yet with each one, I learned never to do that again. Then ...
Music journalist/promoter, Sommer Sharon, talks with female musicians and music industry professionals about their relationships, motivations, life-changing decisions, their work and more. Go backstage and into the homes and histories of these talented women in the music industry. We’ll also talk about music news, new music, album opinions and current issues affecting the music industry, including issues around gender equality and women empowerment. No rules, always diverse, we’ll cover the ...
Self Care Haven
Reflections and meditations to empower survivors of abuse and trauma. Hosted by bestselling author Shahida Arabi, founder of the blog Self-Care Haven.
After taking her final bow as being one of the featured designers at the Congressional Black Caucus yearly event, Maria Wall wanted to expand her horizons. She was sponsored into the Chesapeake Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (aka The Emmy's) and adding to her accomplishments, she was awarded multiple Telly Awards. Maria stated, “I always believed in the saying when much is given, much is expected.” After noticing a need for younger people to have a venue to e ...
Listen for podcasts about Life, Music, Female empowerment and more.
Reflections and meditations to empower survivors of abuse and trauma. Hosted by bestselling author Shahida Arabi, founder of the blog Self-Care Haven.
T&A Talk Sex
"Sexy, witty, & smart". T&A Talk Sex is a podcast hosted by a professional cuddler and a sexual healer. T&A (Christina Hepburn & Stephanie Allen), two treasure troves of sensuality and intimate connection, were baffled by how many of their lovers and clients marveled at their sensual capacities, yet fumbled when it came to their own. In service to humanity (and themselves!), T&A share the wisdom from their real life experience with what works and what doesn’t work to create deep, human conne ...
Welcome to The Fearless Woman Podcast - your go to podcast for all things entrepreneur and life as a woman!Every week we hear from a special guest or Amanda Smith on all things life, entrepreneurship, business, faith, and just being a woman today. These are stories and experiences to help you as your build a business or just a life that you love. You are welcome here, girl!
As the saying goes, something new every day. Listen to thought-provoking conversations with people who have something to share about their lives, about what connects heart, mind and soul, and values, culture and traditions.
3 Elder Millennial Broadcasters/Voice Artists who are embedded deep within the media arts field try and grapple with the good, the bad, and the ugly of the sometimes crazy reality they were born into whether it be their own lives or the outside world.
Kieno Kammies has become synonymous with asking tough questions. Kieno is dismissive of spin and invites opinions challenging his own. It’s not all hard talk with this experienced journalist and radio personality. Kieno cares deeply about the community in which he lives and works. His compassion for those less fortunate, those who have been wronged or ignored by the state is evident.
Join Hypnotist Jim Kellner as he explores tips, tricks, and strategies to help you AND him live a more awesome life. Today is the day to live the life that you want to live in the body that you want to live it in.
The Divas are five fabulous, forty-something women who intentionally formed a group of honest friends to support, encourage and empower each other to reach higher, keep growing, and have fun. When life gets overwhelming, true girlfriends help fill in the gaps for husbands and family. Relate to these "masterpieces of imperfection," Suzanne, Carrie, Amy, Julie and Sharon, in all their glory. Call in and communicate. Live, love and learn through the wisdom of women. The Diva Cast - come get you ...
The interview series where we talk to up in coming creatives, experts and entrepreneurs.
Sharon Capehart is Chairman and CEO of Positively Women, Inc., a Management and Marketing company.Her striking presence and outrageous personality have made Dallas-based Capehart the most sought after female oriented lecturer and Image Transformation Specialist on the national circuit. Women flock to her seminars hoping to learn from this dynamic woman how to take charge and completely transform their lives, both inside and out. Motivating others comes naturally to Sharon, who is able to con ...
Women's Voice
Women’s Voice is an independent radio program specializing in women’s issues and providing women’s perspectives to the public. Women's Voice broadcasts to enable women to access and utilize the media as a means of participation in our society. Our mission is to introduce the women of the world to each other and empower them by giving them a voice to express their viewpoints, discuss their issues, showcase their creative work and tell their stories. Our issues by Topic: Violence Against Women ...
Wholehearted Woman
Wholehearted Woman is an online community (with a blog) for women. We talk about self-body, self-care, mindfulness, female empowerment, personal growth, etc. Let's share our voices and stories with the world.
A 7 year Blog Talk radio Veteran Personality; Rene Reyes, Esq; the Distinguished well spoken Philanthropist, Professional Speaker and Business Development Coach always has something special in store for you! Additionally, a Grammy awarded winning ghost songwriter/Author , International Poet Laureate recipient, numerous awards for her incredible heart wrenching and empowering poetic testimonies, Ms Reyes was awarded Most Distinguished Female Speaker by the Empowerment facilitators of GCI Inte ...
musings and empowerment from my limited perspective which I can only hope to expand each and every day
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Today on the pod, we interview Nicole Salmon, a Fat Positive & Feminist Fertility Coach about the myths and fears that are perpetuated in the world about fat women and getting pregnant. As some who is both fat and has PCOS, Nicola thought the odds of getting pregnant were small, and yet she has two beautiful children. We talk about some actiona ...…
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." As an advocate, organizer, and campaigner for preschool access, tax fairness, plastic pollution and other causes for the last 14 years, I’ve heard this saying many times. You tell it to your volunteers when it looks like your movement has hit a wall or when it l ...…
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." As an advocate, organizer, and campaigner for preschool access, tax fairness, plastic pollution and other causes for the last 14 years, I’ve heard this saying many times. You tell it to your volunteers when it looks like your movement has hit a wall or when it l ...…
We're joined by New York Times Bestselling author Catherine BybeeBy (Jenny Nordbak & Sarah Hawley).
Kieno Kammies talks to Professor Sylvester Chima Associate Professor and Head of Programme of Bio & research Ethics and Medical Law: at University of KwaZulu-Natal) about the options people have to complain and seek compensation when they experience medical malpractice, negligence and misdiagnosis.
Kieno speaks to Nezaam Harris, Cell C's Managing Executive for the Western Cape, about their partnership with Facebook to launch its express Wifi service in South Africa.
TisoBlackStar's investigative journalist, Karyn Maughan, reflects on a year since charges against former President Jacob Zuma were reinstated by the NPA, relating to 16 charges of corruption, money laundering and racketeering.
Internet Terrorism the problem of web extremism after the New Zealand attacks. The Brexit crisis the U.K. wants a delay - the EU seemingly does not. The end of an era in Kazakhstan the president’s resigning after 30 years.
Trending stories on Barbs Wire with Barbara Friedman. Armando, the 'Lewis Hamilton of pigeons' sells for a record €1.25m A turkey 'crossing guard' herding his turkey pals across a road is raising questions about true leadership in the US
Media in South Africa is changing rapidly I want to talk about a recent report that tracks movements in the popularity of media is South Africa and how that might change into the future. Let's chat about some of their findings.
Cape Chamber of Commerce president Geoff Jacobs says Eskom desperately needed to sell more power to keep going but instead find its revenue decreasing. Kieno Kammies speaks to him on air about this.
Katta Ludynia Senior researcher at Sancobb The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds explains how the baby flamingos rescued from Kimberly are now almost ready to be released into the wild.
Eskom COO, Jan Oberholzer talks to Kieno about developments in the battle for stable electricity supply, and what a heightening of load shedding schedules beyond Stage Four will mean for you.
Wayne Edwards is our guest on this weeks episode. Emmy award winner, professor, and media pro are just a few things to describe our wonderful, talented, and brilliant guest. Wayne tells his best stories from his career at the mega sports broadcasting station ESPN including seeing a manager beat the shit out of a employee at a hotel, making broa ...…
Anne-Cécile Mailfert is a women's rights activist and President of The Women’s Foundation (La Fondation des Femmes). Engaged in a fight for equality, Anne-Cécile works to promote gender equality and end combated violence against women. Her strategies include linking up with more than a hundred lawyers in France willing to work pro bono, to ensu ...…
Ben Bova is the author of over a hundred science fiction books, and also served as editor for the legendary magazines Analog and Omni. In his short story “Bloodless Victory,” which appears in his recent collection New Frontiers, he depicts a future in which dueling makes a comeback thanks to sophisticated virtual reality technology.…
Ben Bova is the author of over a hundred science fiction books, and also served as editor for the legendary magazines Analog and Omni. In his short story “Bloodless Victory,” which appears in his recent collection New Frontiers, he depicts a future in which dueling makes a comeback thanks to sophisticated virtual reality technology.…
Living on Purpose: If It’s in Your Life, It’s in Your HandsAired Tuesday, 19 March 2019, 2:00 PM ETDid you know you’re born with the blueprint to your soul’s purpose? In fact, it’s in your hands and is unique to you. Using scientific hand analysis (very different from palm reading) you will discover your Life Purpose, Life Lessons, School of Li ...…
Founder member and chair of the ZACP – Capitalist Party of South Africa, Kanthan Pillay, talks to Kieno about why they have just launched a new party and what they hope to acheive.
Kieno Kammies speaks to Melanie Verwoerd about the build-up to the general elections which will be taking place in May 2019. This week the focus is on the party lists that many seem to very pre-occupied with, especially the ANC's top ten.
The Dutch terror attack 3 people died - but was it actually terrorism. A Brexit spanner in the Works it may cause confusion at an EU summit. A mega drugs bust a huge haul of hash has been seized in the Arabian Sea. The Belgian bird bids a racing pigeon has been auctioned for a fortune.
Kieno speaks to Ithuba's head of corporate relations, Busisiwe Koloi, about the safety measures, checks and balances in place to ensure there is no foul play when it comes to checking your winning Lotto numbers via their APP.
Eskom COO, Jan Oberholzer, talks to Kieno about the latest round of load shedding, and how it has been impacted by the killer cyclone that has struck neighbouring Mozambique, smashing their power grid.
Kieno Kammies speaks to Werner de Klerk, director of Kitchene - about the noticeable shift towards gas-powered stoves thanks to load shedding and higher electricity tariffs.
Founder of DigsConnect, Alexandria Procter, talks to Kieno Kammies about their student accommodation marketplace start up which has raised R12- million in investment from investors.
Kieno talks to Jeff Ayliff about how riders coped with Stage One of the Absa Cape Epic. On Tuesday riders take on the challenging Stage Two of this internationally renowned mountain biking challenge.
Trending stories on Barbs Wire with Barbara Friedman. Why #Rachel has been the biggest trending story since yesterday Everyone In England Will Be Automatic Organ Donors From Next Year
CEO of MacRebur, Toby McCartney, chats to Africa Melane about how the UK Based company is building the first plastic road in South Africa.
Africa Melane speaks to Prof Lyal White Head at Johannesburg Business School. VALE CEO and Execs resign a month after fatal dam collapse. Mass shooting at Brazilian High school. For International woman’s day last week, there was little to celebrate in Brazil
The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal has confirmed its former deputy secretary and Harry Gwala Executive Mayor Mluleki Ndobe has been arrested in connection with the murder of Sindiso Magaqa. Africa Melane speaks to EWN reporter Ziyanda Ngobo regarding this.
Crash similarities links drawn between the Ethiopian & Indonesian crashes. New Zealand’s mosque murders with connections to Europe. Urban explorers the dangerous new British hobby of sewer expeditions.
Africa Melane speaks to Department of International Relations and Co-operation spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya. International relations and cooperation minister Lindiwe Sisulu has appealed to South African NGOs, companies and individuals to make donations towards humanitarian aid for the people of Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique affected by Tropic ...…
Africa Melane speaks to Eskom's acting head of generation Andrew Etzinger
Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan's spokesperson Adrian Lackay joined Africa Melane on air to discuss the Pravin Gordhan's meeting with the Eskom board.
Africa Melane speaks to Prof Mark Graham Associate Professor at Graduate School of Business talking about the importance of SMMEs arming themselves with a basic level of financial literacy, particularly during these tough economic times.
Kieno Kammies chats to the CEO of the Cape Town Carnival , Jay Douwes, regarding the 10th Cape Town Carnival that is set to take place tomorrow (16 March 2019).
Kieno Kammies speaks to Stuart Taylor, popular South African comedian and co-producer of the first Mother City Comedy Festival which is set to take place from 19-31 March at the Baxter Theatre
Kieno Kammies speaks to Sikonathi Mantshantsha, deputy editor of the Financial Mail, on the big stories this week in the financial sector.
The bloody Sunday decision it’s all about an old atrocity in Northern Ireland. A Brexit delay the EU is suggesting a lengthy delay to the U.K.’s departure day. The wall row the US senate rebels against Donald Trump’s Mexican wall.
Western Cape Department of Education's head of communications, Bronagh Hammond, addresses concerns of safety after it was revealed that there have been 17 knife attacks at Western Cape schools in the first term alone.
Kieno Kammies speaks to Chelsea Daniels reporter at NewsTalk in Christchurch New Zealand about today's mass shootings.
Two Oceans Aquarium curator, Maryke Musson, speaks to Kieno about the likelihood of someone being swallowed by a whale, following an incident where a diver ended up in the jaws of a Bryde's whale before being spat out.
Kieno Kammies speaks to Colleen Wentzel of the Cape Town LEGO Users Group, a platform for adults to get together and share their ideas and passion for the popular plastic brick.
Kieno Kammies speaks to Jasper Eales, product designer and co-founder of Sealand Gear. They recently won the Maker-to-Market award at the Design Foundation Awards for bags they make from old yacht sails and billboards. They are now an internationally recognised brand.
Marianne Heading is a ultra runner from Derbyshire England. In 2007 she had a big change in her life. She took a chance and volunteered at the Yukon Arctic Ultra. After seeing the ultra runners competing in the Yukon Arctic Ultra, Marianne was inspired. She went from barely running around the block to competing in long distance events around th ...…
We kick off a new series aimed at improving constitutional literacy among Malaysians, done in collaboration with The Malaysian Bar and the University of Malaya's Faculty of Law. In this first episode, Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi, a Professor of Constitutional Law and Surendra Ananth, the Co-Chairperson of the Malaysian Bar C ...…
Jessica is the podcast host for The Stranded Podcast, a TEDx Speaker and Co-Founder of the LadyBoss Mastermind Organization. Her journey was not easy, but she didn't let her past define her. Jessica has become the best version of herself and continues to grow and evolve. We talk about her journey of being a troubled teenager to an entrepreneur, ...…
CoCT Richard Bosman confirms murder of Uber driver, callers weigh in on how to make things safer, an Uber driver calls in and a listener suggests fundraising for the widow of the driver.
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