EPS 074 Finding sustainability and radical transparency in the meat industry (Guest: Spencer Kerber)


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Welcome to the podcast Spencer Kerber. Spencer is one of the co-founders of Bessie Box, a food-delivery subscription service offering the highest quality, locally grown, organic beef. Spencer shares how his interest in sustainability and the food industry led him to start Bessie. We talk about how important radical transparency is when it comes to a food business and really understanding why food is priced the way that it is. Spencer is on a mission to connect farmers directly to consumers and provide an affordable option for organic, humanely-raised beef. We talk about some of the issues with the current food industry, what Spencer has learned about farming, food and the food business since starting the company and what he hopes to achieve with Bessie. https://bessiebox.com/ https://www.instagram.com/getbessiebox/

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