Episode 288: Waiting for Midnight


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We are finishing our coverage of “Midnight Guardian” by ksomm814.We can’t remember what chapter we ended on last time. Scott and Sue talk DnD, there will be a link to Scott’s game at the end of this. The CA fires were going on when we recorded this, yes we are that far behind. In the fic, we wonder how old Minerva is, talk Quidditch and snot. Some of us really like this story while the other half thinks it’s too much “Super Harry.”

Scott’s DnD Game
Also in the episode:

Emo Harry
Movie time
Rule follower
Doctor Who
Nighttime protection
Rubber charms
Stun Scabbers
The Grim
Kill him, kill him
Sue lost her words
Get Fudged

Hosts: Sue, Moony, Scott
Guest Host: Eru
Editor: Cameron
Run Time: 1’34’38

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