112 | Pitching Your Product to Retailers with Kathy Cruz


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Today I’m talking about pitching your product to retailers with Kathy Cruz. Kathy shares a ton of great information as a retailer herself and as a maker who has gotten her products into stores. We talk about selling outside of your business and knowing when you’re ready. We also discuss the technical pieces you need in order to work with retailers and how your website can help you do that. We chat about finding the right stores to get into and the research you should do before reaching out, as well as ways you can add additional value for the people you’re building relationships with.

Topics Discussed:

  • Your options for working with retailers
  • Knowing when you’re ready to wholesale and the types of people who shouldn’t
  • The technical pieces you need to have in place
  • How your website can help you
  • Finding the right retail stores to reach out to
  • Bringing additional value to retailers when you contact them
  • Do’s and don’ts of contacting store owners

Resources Discussed:

Action Steps:

  1. Stop procrastinating with your line sheet
  2. Change your mindset
  3. Consider joining Kathy’s online academy

Connect with Kathy:

Since founding The Salvaged Boutique with her sister in 2013, Kathy watched her passion grow from a fun blog and hobby with her sister on the side of her full-time job, to a thriving brick and mortar home decor store. After running the store for years, she saw the need for an online community where small business owners could find resources. So she took it upon herself to create Savvy Shopkeeper, a blog and online business dedicated to educating, motivating and building a community of shop owners. From a full-time job to a full-time entrepreneur, Kathy helps hundreds of store owners and makers navigate store ownership while running a store herself.

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